Tim Burgess Q&A


2010 is a big year for the Charlatans, its 20 years since they released their no.1 debut album 'Some Friendly'.


Looking back to the start at what point did you think " we've made it "?

To be honest... well the first time i really thought WE HAD MADE IT was when Chris Nagle (Producer/Engineer all things early FACTORY) Produced our first single Indian Rope.


I actually thought at the time "it doesn't get any better than this" the second time was more intense....our debut album Some Friendly went to number 1 in the charts.


That kind of achievement was completely off my radar, New Order hadn't had a Number 1/The Stone Roses/Happy Mondays None of them, So as you can imagine it was a wow moment!


Was there ever a masterplan for the band and how does a band stay relevant over 20 years?

No we have never had a Masterplan like OASIS. I Base my life on intuition/instinct and keep it natural and real... I also love the way that in life.

Unexpected things can unfold and reveal themselves. I don't like the rigid rules of a masterplan.

If you could pick 5 musical heroes who would they be , and have you met any of them?

Musical heroes change all the time but constantly i think for me Brian Wilson, Kevin Shields, Kim Gordon, RZA, Gram Parsons, Bowie, The Beatles, Burt Bacharach, Moondog, David Lynch, Eno, Robet Smith, Neil young, Bob Dylan, Kurt Wagner, CRASS, New Order/Joy Division, Nirvana, Genesisp-orridge, kraftwerk, Gorecki, Glenn Gould, Madonna,....you know all the greats!!! oh! is that more than 5 oh! well!! there are so many more i forget all the time Curtis Mayfield, Nolan Porter, R.E.M, J.Mascis,scritti politti, sid barrett, brian jones,sid vicious(my first ever hero) random of the top of my head ...yes! I met Michael stipe, Madonna, Eno, Bowie, Kim, Kevin is my friend, New order are my friends, as is Kurt Wagner


As a music fan which bands are you excited about now?

The Horrors are my fav current band by a mile, I am excited about Gaggle, Electricity in our homes,Yacht and I love Beach House.


You've recently produced the debut album by Hatcham Social any plans to do more production?

YES!!! I Would love to work with any of the above,I also feel that I should produce Pete Doherty for some reason, Seems a little random as i don't know him hardly at all but i just feel i could make a really fun/poetic real record with him.


What can we expect from The Charlatans in 2010 as you celebrate 20 years since Some Friendly?

We are playing a dozen gigs in europe to begin with late spring and releasing a re-mastered version of the record. very exciting .. ok, gotta go..

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