Cupid's Stunts and Plenty of Fish Premiere

Cupid's Stunts and Plenty of Fish PremiereEgriega Productions presents: Cupid's Stunts and Plenty of Fish at the Albert Square Chop House on Sunday 1st November (8pm) and Taurus Bar on Sunday 8th November (8pm).


This comedy show features original music and lyrics and writing by Pieter Egriega, known for his previous work as Arthur Kadmon in The Distractions, Ludus, Manicured Noise and The Fall.


Pieter said: "There was a time when there were only two people you could fancy in your village, one was your sister... thankfully now even Congleton is metro-sexual!


"The internet is with us and the wonder of online dating. There are Plenty of Fish in the canal and you don't have to settle for someone because of their geography. You can select a partner based on their likes and their interests - provided you can believe them...


"Are they interested in literature? You need to be clear... 'Take a Break' doesn't count. And now you can select a partner based on their photo, although a balding bloke in a tight lycra football shirt next to someone else's BMW may not be your cup of Rohypnol. Here's a top tip: when you're asked what's your sign? - don't reply 'hump-backed bridge'."


Visit Egriega's new show and get a wonderfully comic insight into the world of internet dating. Meet the yachtsman who named his sailing boat Fellatio... and the fat Casanova called Gary who swapped a good girl for a love bite and Chlamydia.


Finally we reveal the identity of the self-named Harlot of Horwich who had been single for three years two months and 16 days but carries no baggage!


Pieter was the winner of the Stroke Association Creative Arts Award 2014
and BBC Get Creative Everyday Artist.


He added: "Cupid's Stunts have been performed within the current government for at least five years, although according to Lord Ashcroft that's nothing compared to what actually happened....


"It is a new show I have written around a number of songs, that always seems to go down well. I have been working on the show since the Greater Manchester Fringe show in July at the King's Arms which I thoroughly enjoyed and seemed to go down well with the audience.


"But I was conscious that there was no real structure to my July show, and I decided to do something about it. To be honest I met Sareth whilst dating online. and prior to meeting her, I endured a sad and unlikely list of failed liaisons and laughable encounters. It wasn't so much the women I dated but the overall ludicrous nature of online dating, I discovered en route...that inspired the show.


"At the moment it is a solo show, although there is scope for including some musicians."


Genius - one of the great people in Manchester who never got anywhere
(Mark E. Smith)


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