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There must be at least 300 people making up the crowd, mostly excited teens and young mums queuing for a chance to get close to Pete and his familiar entourage.

All the while Junior entertains and delights the masses; flying around on uncle Michael's shoulders.


‘Angels and Demons’ is the TV reality stars latest musical offering, and marks his first studio album in two years. This week he's traveling up and down the country meeting fans and signing copies, today it's Manchester's turn.


I never expect the crowds to be as big as they are, he says modestly,


It seems the more I come up North the crazier it seems to be getting.


Peter Andre


We don’t hold back up here, I tell him - and we’re not afraid to show it…


I love that about the North.


To think that some of the best musicians and indeed some of the biggest bands in the world have come from within a 20 mile radius of where we are now, to be accepted by at least some of the people around here; it means a lot to me.


Peter Andre


Since launching  his music career as a young pop star in the early 90’s, a string of shameful releases have meant that Pete's never been taken seriously as an artist and music maker. Despite that he remains positive that this won't always be the case. Consistency and Quality are the buzz words high on Pete's agenda.

I think the last 3 albums I’ve made; not just Angels and Demons, but the last 3 albums stand up against anyone else’s in the pop industry.

I understand the prejudice and I think I’ve made mistakes and maybe even made a rod for my own back by releasing some of the stuff that I did. It’s also very difficult for people to take you seriously in music if you’re seen more in reality.


But, I do think that if you’re consistent and your quality is good, eventually you will break down all the barriers.


At this point Gossip photographer Craige Barker peers from behind his lens and says; The Mondays have re-launched and are more credible than ever after embarking on a reality TV career boost…


That’s true. Don’t forget that when I came out of the Jungle we had a number one song and a top 3 album, but then went straight into TV, which I’d never done before, and people got to know me for my personality.


Peter Andre


That was actually a blessing for me. For the first time ever I was accepted by both guys and girls, back in the early days guys couldn’t stand me, they’d call me all sorts of things, they’d say ‘who’s he think he is, with his shirt off…’  I’d get picked on, in fights, it was terrible, whereas now, because of the really show we’ve gained a much bigger audience, perhaps just not necessarily in all the areas I would have liked, but I can’t complain at all.


I think people now like you regardless, By that I mean that they don’t need to like your music to like you, yet it feels as though you want them to like you for your music, it’s something you care about much more than your public does.


Out of all the interviews I’ve ever done you are one of very few journalists to touch on this point, and I think it’s important to say, Yes - that is what I want, but, I’ve got to be realistic and grateful to be in a position to sell any units.


Peter Andre


I interviewed David Essex last week and he seems to balance Music and TV quite well. Bit of Telly, bit of touring…


Yes but David Essex stabilised himself as a musician first. I had a great little pop career but I didn’t stamp the ranks, like say – Take That, they reached the point of selling huge amounts of records and they will always be known for that whatever they go on to do. Robbie as well, he went through a tough time when he left Take That, I remember he was releasing songs and the industry was laughing at him. No one denied he was a good entertainer but he had zero credibility and then, just by chance - Angels comes along.

Where is Peter Andre’s Angels?

Peter Andre

That’s a great point; and raises the big question - Where is Peter Andre’s Angels?


It’s coming; I promise you it’s coming…


I said on a Piers Morgan interview, “I’m going to do Wembley stadium” and people we’re laughing at me, at that point I was only doing theatres.


Did you say that to Piers out of bravado or were you convinced it would happen?


I genuinely felt it. And since then I’ve gone on to do The 02 Arena and I’m there again this year. In the same vein I don’t know how yet, but I know ‘that track’ is on its way. I’m certain it will happen.


Peter Andre


Are you expecting big things from your latest album and tour?

Of course when I release an album I want it to do well. I think the mid-week yesterday puts us at number 12, without radio, or any TV advertising, in this climate I think that’s pretty good and the tour is selling really well.


At this point we take a question from Carol Whitehead on Facebook. She asks "Going against type Peter, you'd make a great Bond villain - what do you think? Given the choice would you be Bond or Bond villain?

Hi Carol, Definitely bond, and Roger Moore was the one for me; Connery was a bit before my time.


The other night we were at the pride of Britain awards and when Piers Brosnan walked on stage I turned to my friends and said, ‘That is Bond’… He has such a presence. And such an aura, when he walks in the room it’s like James Bond has entered the building, I love Daniel Craig, amazing actor but when he walks on stage he’s Daniel Craig rather than James Bond.  Yeah I’d love to be bond.


Peter Andre


We think you would make a brilliant Bond, but in the interim we'll follow your progress while you search for your 'Angels' and finally get rid of that monkey on your back.


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