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Chart-topping singer unveils her most trend-driven fashion range to date, ‘Pixie Lott for Lipsy’ autumn/winter 2011 collection is out now... We catch up with Pixie to chat Fashion.


Following the sell-out success of her previous three collections, Pixie Lott and Lipsy have unveiled the British singer’s new and highly covetable ‘Pixie Lott for Lipsy’ autumn/winter 2011 collection, her fourth co-designed range for the leading high street brand.


Manchester Gossip caught up with Pixie to ask her about her forth clothing collection, current love interests, her thoughts on Christmas jumpers, recording with Stevie Wonder and how it feels to be number one in the singles chart.




An edgy and opulent “boy meets girl” androgynous aesthetic takes the lead in this new line of day-wear separates.


Inspired by Pixie’s distinctive new look and demonstrative of Lipsy’s ever-expanding day-wear range, the collection comprises seven key pieces: a cute boxy-fit boucle cropped jacket and matching high waist shorts; a Gothic-style, super-fitted black lace blouse with strong leather-look collar, a monochrome beaded peter pan collar blouse; a 1920s-influenced slate grey top with luxurious scalloped detailing and intricate bead-work; a pair of fully sequined black shorts; a cream lace/net contrast dress and a statement tomato red/black polka dot play-suit with ruffle frill and cut out back – one look for each day of the week!


Team pieces together for perfect am to pm style, or mix and match with more relaxed separates for a pared-down daytime look.




Lipsy girls love to party and Pixie is no different, but this season sees the Pixie Lott for Lipsy evening wear line take on a new, more grown-up feel. Reflective of Pixie’s ever-evolving personal style and inspired by her September 4th ‘All About Tonight’ single release, the collection comprises glamorous interpretations of the classic LBD and party dresses and play-suits in bold jewel tones with sophisticated embellishment, elaborate embroidery and flattering cut-out detailing.


Key pieces to look out for include the all-over studded ‘Purple Magic’ dress (a reinvention of Pixie’s subtly sexy bestselling spring/summer Lipsy style); contoured silver and black sequined body con vest dress; party animal print bandeau dress and the asymmetric ‘Sparkling Grape’ and silver beaded dress with keyhole waist detail.


Hi Pixie, congratulations on being number one in the singles chart this week, having now had three number one singles; do you ever get used to it?

No, and actually I really wasn't expecting it, I haven't brought out a single for a while so I didn't really know what to expect, but yes - I'm delighted.


I guess all you need now is for your new fashion collection to emulate the success of your music career?

Yes exactly, this is my forth collection, it's my autumn winter collection with Lipsy and I'm pretty excited for it to come out.



What can we expect to see in the new collection and what inspires your style?

I'm always thinking about what the girls want to wear and the styles I like to wear, party dresses, they always seem to do well, some casual wear and also some special dresses for Christmas and New Years that make use of sequins and beautiful diamante.



I live with two girls, my girlfriend and daughter and they love Christmas jumpers, any room for of a Christmas jumper in the collection?

ha-ha - No there isn't one in the collection but I love them as well, I was trying some on the other day and they're so snuggly and warm, i'll be trying to get some for myself this Xmas.


I notice on some of your previous lines the promo shots and video took place in Ibiza and New York, did you go anywhere exotic for this collections promo shots?

The last collection we did the photo shoot in Ibiza and we recorded a 'behind the scenes' video which was great fun but this time we did the shoot in London, it's a bit of a shame because we did have a great time in Ibiza.



YouTube is clearly important for all recording stars: do you follow your hits going up and get excited when you hit certain milestones, 1 million views perhaps?

I don't follow the hits so much, my label lets me know, when I'm on YouTube I usually watch live performances from my favourite artists, I like Whitney, back in the day performing live and all the Stevie (Wonder) videos...


I understand you've recently recorded a track with Stevie Wonder?

Yes, There's a song on my new album where Stevie plays Harmonica on the middle eight and he sounds amazing, i'm very happy with that.


Along side your music and fashion interests, you've also found time to appear in the movie Fred, you played Fred's love interest or Crush, is there a crush in your life right now?

ha-ha, well I like Ashton Kutcher, James Franco and Hayden Christensen (*That's young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars).


They're all Tall, handsome successful actors... not much chance for a 5 foot 7 web mag editor from Manchester then?

Yes they are all quite tall actors, I think it's because of the parts they play in their films that make me develop a little crush.


And finally Pixie, I told my nieces that I would be meeting you today, Jessica is 10 and Shannon is 18 - they were both very excited (...and demanded i get them each an autograph), it's clear you're a fashion icon and an inspiration to a lot of young ladies...

Aw thanks, I guess on my albums there are tracks that appeal to a wide range of age groups.


'Pixie for Lipsy' Autum Winter collection 2011 is out now and Pixie Lott’s hotly anticipated second album will be released on Monday 7th November 2011, look out for the track with the Stevie Wonder harmonica middle eight!.

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