Matt Cardle

Walking down the long white corridor that splits the backstage dressing rooms at the MEN Arena is always going to be a treat when there's a gig on, and despite the fact I'm here to interview the stars (the willing ones) it still felt somewhat surreal a moment when taking a peek in The Wanted's dressing room i'm greeted by the band sat on a fat sofa with Ed Sheeran plonked in the middle of them, It's hard not to chuckle inside just a little bit...


Each individual dressing room has the performers name on the door, JLS, Tinchy Stryder, Dappy (N-Dubz), Pixie Lott, Ed Sheeran, James Morrison, Emeli Sande, Olly Murs and Matt Cardle, all here to entertain Manchester pop fans.


Matt Cardle's first to enter the press room and I ask him about his new single release and whether he thinks it will do well...

The single's available from 5th december although it's been available on the album for around a month so I think a lot of people have already got it. I'm not sure how well it's going to chart... Hopefully what the single can do is introduce people to my album; assuming they like the single.


Do big charting singles = lots of album sales?

Well, it doesn't always work out that way unfortunately, it really doesn't, I just care less about single number one's and chart positions than I do about my album doing well. You know, just use the singles to really push the album rather than getting these trophy number one's, don't get me wrong, having a number one is great but it's all about the album for me.


Looking at the line-up it appears to be split into two camps, you have credible artists like Ed sheeran, James Morrison and then we have exclusively pop acts like Pixie are The Wanted, I wonder whether Matt see's himself as sitting on the credible side of the fence...

I'd like to think so, for a few reasons, I co-wrote every track on my album from start to finish apart from the track that Gary Barlow wrote and I have been doing this for a long long time, I've been a singer/songwriter since I was 12, I sent my first demo to a record company when I was only 13 years old, I remember getting a really sweet letter back from Sony saying 'we like your work - just carry on...' so Yes, I've always thought I fell into the credible category.


Matt's due on stage in 10 minutes so I wish him a Merry Christmas and leave him to prepare for his performance in front of a packed house.

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