He's caring, fun and a closet poet. Meet Wayne Rooney: The Man Behind the Goals

We're given unprecedented access to England's record goalscorer in Wayne Rooney: The Man behind the Goals


"Ever since he was 16 years old he's lived his life in the public eye yet no one outside of his close friends and family really knows him"


Those are Gary Lineker’s words, guiding us through the opening scenes of the BBC’s upcoming documentary, ‘Wayne Rooney - The Man behind the Goals’.



Wayne has allowed a BBC television production team unprecedented access to his life and the people closest to him. Wayne himself says, “This film is not just about my goals. It's about the people I care about the most, my team mates, the people closest to me but most importantly, my family."


The hour long film cross-cuts football with family and we see lots of the main man at home with his wife and their two young sons, Klay and Kai. There’s some nice interjections from his proud parents and it’s all presented by the former England skipper, Gary Lineker.



We have an insight into the A list lifestyle of a Premier League and International footballer, his entrepreneurial model wife and their close family. It’s a revelation. Coleen takes great pleasure in revealing Wayne’s penchant for poetry. Yes, you heard me right...the boys a poet! Although Rooney confirmed the artistic accusation we aren’t privileged enough to catch a recital.



Coleen continues to reminisce and reveals that Wayne used to follow her around in their teens, shouting “Giz a Date!” Eventually he got his own way and they had their first date at the Showcase cinema with Austin Powers providing the backdrop.



Wayne’s mum, Jeanette, adds to the tales and tells us of the night her eldest son proposed to Colleen. They had planned to go for a meal where Wayne would ask for Coleen's hand but the love struck scouser was so keen to ask that he pulled into a petrol station en route and popped the question on the oily forecourt. They didn’t bother going for the meal, they just went home to share the good news with their parents and had home-made corned beef hash instead.



Wayne’s wife describes Wayne as "caring, protective and fun.” She adds, “He’s also quite strict with the boys. I thought I would be the strict one, although he does let them play football in the front room. Kai loves his football and makes Wayne stay up late to watch any game that’s on. The last game they watched together was West Ham away in the Europa League”.



Wayne also shares that Kai has the Rooney temperament, "He goes crazy if he doesn’t get his own way!" On the subject of expanding their brood Wayne declares, “One more child then we can stop”. Wayne hopes for a girl this time.




This is an ordinary couple, living an extraordinary lifestyle, sometimes... it’s not every wife that can show off her organisational skills by keeping all of his England Caps in a nice box!



We find out that Wayne loves his karaoke machine and Mustang Sally and Oasis tracks are among his favourites. He talks about one of Man Utd’s Xmas nights out when there was a band on but the lads took over the stage with Mata on Guitar, De Gea on drums and Wayne on vocals. There’s more to this legend than just his football flare.



He shows off his prized possessions, which includes guitars signed by Paul McCartney and Noel Gallagher. He humbly gets them as Xmas and birthday presents. One is signed ‘Cheers Wayne, Paul McCartney. Soul brother, Scouse Git.’



Back to the football field and Stevie Gerrard is the player that Rooney credits for helping him the most in his early England days. Gerrard admits he went out of his way to put his arm around him and help him. 


There’s a nicely positioned fish eye camera lens in Rooney’s car which transports us back and forth from his humble roots in Crocky (Croxteth), where he grew-up as an Everton fan.



Sir Alex Ferguson is named as a major reason why Wayne left Everton, his boyhood club that he had been with since he was 9 years old. Plus he wanted to win trophies with Man Utd. He confesses that he later apologised to David Moyes for the disrespectful language he used during his departure from Moyes’s Everton side.



The film also features a stellar cast of interviewees, including Sven Goran Eriksson, David Beckham, Zlatan Ibrahimovich, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Louis van Gaal, Jamie Carragher, Roy Hodgson, David Moyes and the previous England goal scoring record holder, Sir Bobby Charlton.




The wind's playing havoc with his hair lads!


Wayne demonstrates his sense of humor when he jokes with England counterparts about the wind playing havoc with his hair.



The England legends discuss the feeling you get when you score for your country. Bobby Charlton says he’s so happy that Rooney is “with our club” and will score even more goals for England. Rooney returns the compliment by saying that his aim is to win the world cup, a further accolade that Charlton achieved.



‘Wayne Rooney – The man behind the goals’ offers an extraordinary personal portrait of life in Wayne’s world. The film has been made by Goalhanger Films and was commissioned by Charlotte Moore, Controller of BBC One.


The programme will premier on Monday 5th October at 9pm on BBC 1.



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