The Overtones bring their irresistible platinum pop to appreciative Manchester Toners

The Overtones

Irresistible platinum pop band The Overtones arrived in Manchester to a packed house at The Bridgewater Hall 29th November 2012.


American big voiced songstress Jessica Clements kicked the show off with tracks from her new album Loving this Day intertwined with covers including hits from Whitney and Simply Red, If that wasn't bad enough she then subjected the half empty room to a Jive Bunny style medley - I start to fidget, a quick scan of the dimly lit auditorium and I'm heading for the nearest exit, she did have a good voice though.


Chatting and observing fans in the foyer, it's mostly women in attendance, a lot of mums with daughters, and lots of groups of women, I imagine they're top trumping each another with their 'When I met the Overtones...' stories.


Kerry from Ashton-Under-Lyne tells me this is the 4th time she's seen The Lads 'There's no-one else quite like The Overtones, they're amazing' she said.


'I shouldn't have got a pint' was my first thought when the guy with the robot voice announced 2 minutes until the main act hits the stage. I try my best to neck the ¾'s remaining but it's hopeless, I am to drinking what Alan Carr is to dentistry. I discard the 'good half' like last night's chutney and slip into the smaller of the two tributaries pouring people back into the main room.


One bonus about this job is that you always get a good seat, middle front usually, and tonight's no different, I've got the controller of ITV on one side and the entertainment reporter from the Bolton News on the other, both Toners and both right up for it.


Lights out; a Manchester Tram sized silhouette of the bands logo is the only thing visible through the pure white backdrop that separates the stage from the screaming fans, the show opens with crowd pleaser Keep Me Hanging On; 5 seconds of the opening keys are enough to get the stalls standing up and clapping to the beat.


The big tunes continue faster than first half goals at Reading when Man Utd are in town, A brilliant interpretation of Frankie Valli's Beggin follows Good Old fashioned Love, Lachie takes Silo Green's Forget you back to school and transports us to a place time forgot with his interpretation of Nat King Cole's Unforgettable, well it is almost Christmas.


Timmy's responsible for most of the lead vocals and in my experience he's got an amazing voice, this evening he's 'feeling it' and not just in the vocal department - his hand movements and foot shaping are spot on, he's a great entertainer and you can see in his face he's right where he deserves to be. Gambling Man was a treat.


When it comes to being entertained I’d say I'm quite rightly hard to please yet 75 minutes or more pass and I haven’t been disappointed or had to endure anything remotely cheesy, I've got a great seat that I've barely sat in and a notepad and pen for review that's been almost exclusively ignored (I’m regretting that bit right about now).


These boys know how to entertain a crowd and are not too elite to come down from the perceived safety of the stage to chat to fans and sing little duets with audience members, great fodder for foyer banter I remember thinking.

It's fun, the vocal qualities on show are brilliant and the deliberately unsophisticated staging is all that's required to focus attention where it should be.

Although Timmy and Lachie appear to get the lions share of the lead vocal duties; the harmonies and the accompaniment play a large part in lifting The Overtones from great to spine tingling in parts. Mike sang a couple of tracks well, regrettably the titles escape me (sorry dude, notepad in pocket ; ) and it was a nice touch when Manchester born band member Mark embarrassed his family by shining a huge spotlight on them whilst introducing them to the three tiers of The Bridgewater Hall. Humanizing band members is always a nice touch for me.


Thanks to @The_Toners and @xlesadx for eagle eyed corrections.

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