Olly Murs Interview

Cherie meets Olly Murs


Gossip's Cherie Bebe met with recent chart topper Olly Murs just before he switched on the Christmas lights at the Trafford Centre."


Manchester! What do you think?

I love it! I have been up here loads. I do a lot for the Manchester United Foundation.


I did read you are a Manchester United Fan!

Yes! I do a lot of stuff for Soccer Aid, Manchester United Relief….I did a few corporate events, singing and stuff. Its good fun, I enjoy it.


So who is your favourite player?

United? Oh course it would have to be Wayne Rooney.


What did you think of the recent headlines when he was about to leave?

You know, every player has an opinion and can voice it and I think, you know he was right to do that. I think it was obviously again the media attention behind it was huge and I think the pressure of that made it worse, but lucky enough he decided to stay. So it’s all gone and swept under now so we can just get on to playing well back on the pitch.


Are you going to be watching the match this weekend?

Of course, yeah big game, big game against Tottenham at Old Trafford. That’s going to be a big game, they have a really good side and they have got some good players; we have always got to look out for Modric and Bale, they have been playing well recently. We have got a good enough squad and we will change the team from Tuesday night against Wolves and we will have our full strength eleven back out and we will pick up where we left off!


You are a big fanatic aren’t you!

I’m a proper football fan, I feel like a bit of a pundit.


So… You stripped, didn’t you? to celebrate your single getting to Number 1?

I did yeah!


What if the album gets to Number 1?

I don’t think I could top it off to be fair. People have said the only way you can top it is by removing the hat but I said that is only for the bedroom. I’m not going to do anything unless the fans want me to do or I come up with a good idea I think is quite funny. It was a good gag and I’m hoping the single went to Number 1, I hope because it was a good song and that was just a funny thing to do on the other side of it because all the fans wanted me to get naked.


You’re an Essex Boy?

I am!


Are you like they are on the programme ‘The Only Way Is Essex’?

Well, I haven’t watched it but you know all Essex people are great! I think you know we all have that kind of swagger, I’m a bit more cheekier than arrogant, I think some Essex boys can be a little bit too arrogant, my mates are like that to be honest, exactly like the show, my mates are like that but with me I am a little bit more cheekier and I don’t really take myself too seriously.


It sounds good, I keep seeing it on Twitter, everyone keeps going Essex this and Essex that.

Yeah, everyone’s talking about Essex at the moment, which is not a bad thing.


What about X-Factor…..have you been watching it?

Yeah, I’m a massive fan of the show like always. I love it, really backing Matt to do well because obviously being an Essex boy but Mary I think is really good, One Direction, Treyc, Cher, they are all really good there is a lot of great talent there. It’s going to be a good year again.


Are you a Team Louis or Team Simon?

Always Team Simon, Always!!! Simon was my mentor; I have got to back Simon. I am seeing Simon tomorrow so, I am always with Simon!


Since you have been signed have you had any luxury buys?

Luxury buys.?? Do you know what I bought myself a really nice laptop an Apple Mac, that was nice because I had never bought myself anything like that and I bought myself a Louis Vuitton Suit Carrier which was quite expensive that’s just like the hand holdall bag to take away when I go on my travels. Really that’s about as much as I have got, I haven’t spent that much to be fair.


I always go out and buy clothes, that’s probably my luxury, my guilty pleasure to be honest, I am always out buying clothes.


I actually heard as well, my friend bumped into you in a bar in Manchester and she said you have dance offs with people when you are out on the town!



If I would have known I would have come in my trackie bottoms and danced you off!

Yeah! We could have had a bit of a battle. But do you know what, people come up to me and have a laugh with me and start jumping around and people get really competitive with me and I have a laugh with them and a bit of banter so yeah it is all good fun. As long as we enjoy ourselves.


Have you always won your dance offs though?

Not all the time no! I have had some good dance offs, me and Aston had a bit of a dance off in London, we were out celebrating my Number 1 and Aston and JLS came out. He was pretty good to be fair. We started dancing against each other and I thought, ‘you are too good’ and I called it a day quite early and got the white flag out.


You are a good dancer though.

Thank you, I do my own thing, I could dance to anything really, I am not in that professional league, I just do my own thing really.


What is your favourite genre of music?

My favourite genre of music is Indie Rock, I love the Indie Music. I love R’n’B, Pop and I love Reggae but I kind of like my Indie Music really that’s kind of what I like. But I listen to everything really; I don’t have a specific type. If I like a song, I like a song regardless of who it is. I am not one of these, ‘oh because it is not a band I am not going to like it’. If I hear a Neo song and like it, I like it; if I hear a Kings Of Leon song – I like it, The Script, anyone!


Do you think you will be playing any big festivals next year?

We did some festivals last year in the summer but hopefully next year, yeah it would be nice to do some really big festivals. It depends really again, on the success of the singles and how the album gets on but I would love to go and do a few festivals next year, it would be really cool.


What would be your ideal festival?

Glastonbury would have to be the one wouldn’t it? If you get a slot on Glastonbury you would be happy. But I actually want to do my local V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex – where all my family and friends are from. That would be really, really cool.


What would be your ideal fantasy date?

My ideal fantasy date. With a lady?


Well a lady or a man! Haha!

Well obviously it would be a nice lady and just really traditional, pick her up take her to a nice restaurant, go to watch a really, really good film maybe go back to a hotel or her house or my house and call it a night then see her for a second date then hopefully on the second date have a bit of dinner at mine or hers, have a bit of WII action or maybe go bowling or something active.


You are planning all the dates!

Date 3….


Fantasy date woman? Angelina Jolie?

Angelina Jolie is pretty special isn’t she? Katy Perry she’s pretty hot? Cheryl Cole, Abby Clancy – god there’s so many of them.


I think Abby Clancy is taken isn’t she?

Of course she is, so is Cheryl, I think, probably. But no there are lots of famous people out there but I really haven’t got anyone generally, I am not really too fussed.


“I would probably take a fan with me on a fantasy date”.


Have you met any female celebrities and thought……woooo!

I met the Saturdays, they are good looking girls!! Diana Vickers is a very decent looking girl, Eliza Doolittle has got something quirky about her that I like!


Plans for 2011?

Well, I have so much going on before Christmas, I have got my documentary coming out on TV, my DS Nintendo Advert coming out with Alexander Burke, my single ‘Thinking Of Me’, my album coming out and my 2011 solo tour! Exciting!


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