New Taxi App lets you ‘Jump the Queue’ anywhere in Manchester

New Taxi App lets you ‘Jump the Queue’ anywhere in Manchester

A NEW Manchester taxi app means you can hail a cab anywhere within the M60 ring road – and it will be with you in five minutes.


Kabx launches with a promise that you’ll be able to “jump the queue” and even track your taxi on your smartphone’s GPS as it makes its way to your location.


The company boasts that 2,000 taxis, from the region’s biggest and most trusted cab firms, are already signed up and promises that from now on “we’re round the corner” will mean exactly that.


Kabx aims to provide a service that will put an end to queuing for taxis at the busiest times and works by matching the caller with the taxi nearest to their location via GPS.


Kabx has partnerships directly with private hire companies, so has a much bigger fleet of cabs available to its users compared to similar taxi apps like the much-talked about Uber, which has deals directly with drivers. 


The app tells you instantly how many minutes away the nearest taxi is. If you then decide to book, you can watch the taxi make its way to you on a map in real-time. 


You can book the closest cab to you in 2-3 taps and get a quote of the cost plus the option to pay by cash or card*.


“The key differentiator of our app is the size of our network. Having so many cars allows us to pick up most customers in under five minutes, far faster than the nearest competitor” said James Kelly, marketing manager at Kabx.


Our response time will often be as quick as three minutes. Additionally, our prices are the same as they would be should you call for a taxi, so are usually cheaper than many of our competitors.


“Our coverage in Manchester is over 2000 cars which allows us to provide an almost ‘on demand’ service anywhere within the M60 area. We have strong partnerships with the biggest taxi firms here in Manchester so it is an ideal place to launch. 


“We estimate our average time to pick up in this area as under five minutes even at busy times, which we will soon be able to replicate in all the major towns in the UK. 


“Our response time will often be as quick as three minutes. Additionally, our prices are the same as they would be should you call for a taxi, so are usually cheaper than many of our competitors.”


Let’s give this App a road test!


As a car-less city dweller; I love the idea of this Application. I am genuinely fed up of waiting for taxi’s that don’t arrive, you call the cab office only for the half interested operator to tell you the driver’s been and gone or he can’t find the address etc… so before I start spreading the good word according to Kabx, best test it out first…


I downloaded the Free App on Android, the install/registration process is quick and in literally seconds and I’m straight into the map/location screen.


(Screenshots for illustration purposes only)

The first thing I see is a central marker indicating my location/collection point, in my case the geo marker identified my position outside Gorilla on Whitworth Street… blob on - cool.


Surrounding my location maker I can see lots of smaller indictors marking taxi cab locations. There’s lots - I can see 3 on my street and at least 15 in total on the map.


One tap of the Book button (top right) takes me to the Booking Details info where I have the opportunity to alter the following parameters.


Pickup point (Useful if you’re booking the cab to collect you from a location you plan to be at later or if you’re making the booking for someone else).
Time of pickup (Anytime during the same day).
Payment method (Cash of Credit card).
Number of passengers (presumably this will influence the type of vehicle sent).
Driver note (You may send a request direct to the driver).
Fare quote (get a price before you travel).


I’m paying cash, want to go now and I’m on my own, so in my instance I need only touch the Place Booking button.


A confirmation text tells me my ride has been dispatched, confirms my location and lets me know the name of the taxi firm providing the service, in my case Manchester Cars.


Back on the App the small green Taxi markers have been replaced by one single purple indictor, it’s my ride, meandering through the street map on its way to pick me up.


The clever little App continues to impress by providing not only the taxi company but also the reg plate, vehicle type (Merc Vito) and full name of the driver (Mohammed K****ser).

(Screenshots for illustration purposes only)


The journey I took was from Chorlton Mill to the Northern Qtr. It came to £3.60, which is incidentally the same price I pay if I walk around to Sainsbury’s and jump in a black cab from the rank.


My overall experience of the Kabx App has been a very pleasant one, the process itself is super simple and the concept is great.


The Kabx taxi app is available from today on both Apple and Android app stores. Search ‘Kabx’ or click the link below using your mobile device then install, enjoy and never queue for a taxi ever again.