Wigan Live promises a fun filled, loving atmosphere

With an enormous amount of passion for arts, crafts and live music; festival organizer – Timothy Critchley, 24 is putting on a free, one day festival to help bands, charities, local businesses and ultimately the local community.

This 12pm – 12am festival will be held over 11 venues in the centre of Wigan and will feature up to 50 performances from local bands, groups and charities - a tremendous amount of talent and a wide variety of styles.

From samba bands to flashmobs, strawberry picking to live outside music and celebrity appearances, this sure is a day to come and see what Wigan has to offer!

Timothy said

It is just fantastic the response I have received from the people of Wigan and its surrounding area. It really shows that there are some people out there who are willing to give their own time into making this community a better one

Wigan Live could not get more community based if you tried, with having no funding each individual involved with the festival is doing it for the love of the community.

This will capture an exiting, fun filled, loving atmosphere that very few festivals will be able to create.

Search on Facebook and Twitter for Wigan Live Festival and visit www.wiganlivefestival.com for information about venues and bands and join our lively community!

If you would like to be a volunteer for this festival or you feel you have something to offer then please email us at wiganlivefestival@gmail.com