Chicago House Legend Marshall Jefferson (Q&A)

Marshall Jefferson, one of the pioneers of the development of Chicago House Music.

In crafting classics like Move Your Body, Traxx Releases such “Open Our Eyes” and performing on Ce Ce Roger’s seminal Someday, Marshall has traveled the world preaching the gospel of the original house sound and his name is widely respected for his role the history of house music.


If you were forced to choose, would we know you as Marshall Jefferson DJ or Marshall Jefferson Producer? and Why?

Tough one, I started out as a DJ, but I'd say producer, because with records you can be heard all over the world.


How would you suggest young artists make money in today's Music Industry?

Personal contact-face to face, phone, whatever you do, avoid Facebook and the internet, they're dead because it's just too many people doing it now.

If I started today I don't know if I could make it. A lot of great great music getting lost in the jungle. Marshall Jefferson

How would you say things have changed since you started your Music/DJ career?

Aside from the obvious technology changes going from vinyl to digital, the social aspect has changed. It used to be an afternoon at the record store with everyone talking about the latest trends and hits. Now you just click and download. And it's way more crowded now. There would be about 20 new dance records a week coming out back in the day, now you have 50,000+. It's way too crowded. If I started today I don't know if I could make it. A lot of great great music getting lost in the jungle.


Do you ever wake up crying in the middle of the night because vinyl has all but gone? Do you think it will ever make a resurgence?

Too much going against it. It sounds horrible on digital systems. It gets scratched up if you send it through baggage claim. It's too heavy. So it's dying in the clubs. It will make a comeback with home listening. You get it on the right system and combine with the vibe from the album cover, digital just can't compete with the experience.


You've had an illustrious career - What's your proudest moment?

I played a party in New Jersey in the park once in the 80's to about 10,000 people, but it was a daytime party and there were families and kids there, all of them were jamming to the music like it was the most underground club you know. They knew all the songs (especially mine!) and for some reason I was just pleased I had a part in helping expose them to it.

Cats like Mike Pickering, Graeme Park, and Jon Da Silva, so instrumental in making innovation a normal occurrence. Marshall Jefferson

You're playing in Manchester at Hacienda 30 The Christmas Party on Thursday 27th December, what does the Hacienda mean to Marshall Jefferson?

I like to think of all the DJ's there that broke new ground without reservation, cats like Mike Pickering, Graeme Park, and Jon Da Silva, cats that were so instrumental in breaking new scenes and new music and making innovation a normal occurrence. I'm very thankful to be included in their company sometimes and I just try to relive some of the moments I experienced listening to them over the years.


Marshall joins Graeme Park, Peter Hook, Russ, Nipper, MC Tunes, Herbie Saccani and Bobby Langley on the 27th December in Manchester at Sankey's club for Hacienda 30: The Christmas Party, for details on how you can Win tickets to witness Marshall Jefferson in action - PRESS HERE.


Previewing his appearance at The Hacienda’s Manchester Xmas Party, Marshall Jefferson turns in a one hour mix of garage, jazz, electro and deep house featuring much of MJ’s own material and productions, streamed on the homepage and in the mix section at


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