Meeting McBusted

Lauralee with McBusted

Cast your mind back to November 2013 and you may remember when the six piece super-group announced their debut tour for 2014, the fans response was emphatic with many of the first wave of shows being sold out within minutes.


McBusted’s debut tour became the UK’s largest arena tour of the year, playing to almost half a million heads across 35 arenas, culminating in a headline performance at Hyde Park to just shy of 60,000 revellers in the capital.


With the excitement of 2014’s undeniably huge arena tour still ringing in fans ears, the pop peddlers wasted no time announcing a tour for 2015.


We met the guys for some face-to-face time to chat about the upcoming Manchester Arena gigs and to take some pictures. It’s a 5 minute window for media minnows like us. Allowing for back slaps and fist bumps - that’s precisely 40 seconds per group member, barely enough time for a howdy-doo. I opt instead for an informal group crack around the corner sofa.


Flanked by Mc(r)Gossip's Hannah Boxen (19) and Lauralee Greenhalgh (26) – I confess, we were nervous, I had to laugh when I clocked the three of us - frozen in our chairs, like wax-works, stupid grins broadcasting our collective un-coolness across the low level coffee table that separated us. Well, wouldn’t you be a little bit nervous? It’s not every day you’re in the company of pop reality royalty.


Dougie breaks the ice when he leaps up and shouts ‘Hallelujah, about fuckin time’ the room erupts in cheers and laughter (and confusion from the frozen three) – “His Nicorette gum’s arrivedJames whispers - in a pretend condescending tone.


It keeps me buzzing for hours” Dougie said smiling. I’m thinking he’s probably still trying to get rid of the taste of kangaroo’s nads – It must linger.


mcbusted album

It’s evident the guys are a tight bunch as they playfully jostle for arm space while collectively answering a quick fire medley of questions on Music, Reality TV, The bands shifting dynamic, life on the road and food, indeed - they could have gobbled down our 5 minutes talking about food, being on tour must work up an appetite…


Some off our favourite places to eat are in Manchester. Matt said.


We spent a lot of time during the last tour in Manchester, we kind of based ourselves here. We love going to Red’s BBQ on Albert Square.


They say they like spending time in Manchester, and they seem genuinely enthusiastic about the city – quite content waxing lyrical about their favourite eateries.


Hannah, once a hard-core Busted fan wasted no time in engaging with Matt, they talked about the bands new legion of fans and she asked if McBusted’s fans are competitive over their original bands alliances.


Maybe a little at the start but not anymore, he shares.


I think that was more of an age thing, although we did cross over, at one point we were both releasing records, I think for about a year. Fans of both seem to be used to the idea of us being together now.


Originally he wanted to get Busted back together but Charlie didn’t want to, that’s when we started to consider a group alliance, to pool our musical abilities, we (McFly) loved the idea.


Lauralee (who secretly flies the flag for McFly) gets in on the action and asks how the band merge came about.


James sung at a McFly show, Harry said


It went down really well. Busted’s old manager now looks after McFly and he thought ‘there’s something in this’.


Originally he wanted to get Busted back together but Charlie didn’t want to, that’s when we started to consider a group alliance, to pool our musical abilities, we (McFly) loved the idea.


And within weeks ‘The Treaty of McBusted’ was signed.  James said laughing.


They say that being part of a 6 piece is certainly different to how things were before, and although it was fun before - bringing in 2 new guys has added something positive. There’s less pressure on them now and now less focus on them as individuals.



Every moment of McBusted’s launch and first year as a band was captured by the band’s long-time friend and film maker David Spearing. The result is the behind the scenes film ‘TourPlay’, which received a limited release in Vue cinemas nationwide, and came out on DVD on 24th November 2014. The collectable DVD contains both behind the scene adventures as well as footage from their live shows.


The pop rock super group will play arenas country-wide this year (2015) including two shows in Manchester in March, 21st and 22nd. Danny’s keen to point out that the tour starts on his birthday in Glasgow, that’s March 12th.


So what happens after the 21 date tour? Tom tells me they don’t plan too much for the future.


What’s nice is that ‘our lives don’t depend on it’ like perhaps it did in our earlier days. He added.


The McFly guys can take comfort in the knowledge that they have career options after being in a band. And after Busted ended, Matt and James forged successful careers for themselves, Writing, Acting and in Musicals, and both feel they’ve done well.


We don’t know right now what will happen after the tour, this whole thing that’s happening with McBusted is a bonus for all of us. It’s genuinely been fun and after the success with our last tour it just means we’ve got permission to pile on the fun for 2015. Harry concluded.


So 'Meeting McBusted' comes to a close, our 5 minute allocation - quite frankly abused, and with the next wave of reporters breathing down our necks; I think we've thawed just about enough to leave.


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