A sneaky peek at the new dark side!

Behind closed doors a transformation is taking place.  Spearheaded by Manchester Architect & Designer Bernard Carroll - the next stage of Panacea’s evolution is here.

Once synonymous with cool tan leather, honeyed onyx and polished teak panelling, the new concept couldn't be further from its former self – more revolution than evolution.


CGI’s released ahead of the much anticipated launch later this month, reveal a much darker colour palette with a new central DJ booth, plus new textural elements including bespoke hand cut mosaic glass murals.  Other upgrades include a complete new sound and lighting system.


Speaking about his design concept, the man responsible for both its original inception and subsequent re-imagination said;


“One’s style does not change but evolves over time. So do habits, desires and occupations.


When we created Panacea 10 years ago in conjunction with the brief at the time, we put into motion a concept that was unique, appealing and exciting. This made Panacea aspirational and attracted a knowledgeable clientele.



Today, the brief has not changed that much from the original, other than tweaks that have come with a 10-year experience. Entertainment is a form of fashion. This is the lead element in the creation of the new Panacea, with the understanding that we are not aiming to create within the current trend but create an environment for the future.


The New Panacea aims to surprise, excite and to create renewed interest and enthusiasm…”


The Panacea second coming will be heralded by a launch event on March 26 - 2015. Call Panacea on 0161 833 0000 to arrange a collection, or request a ticket via Panacea's social channels.