Those familiar to the imaginative storytelling style of Little Sparrow's songwriting will have often found themselves introduced to the world she creates where classic romanticism meets fairy tale possibilities.

Fantastical places where her colourful lyrics give voice to the emotions of woodland creatures or where an abandoned house can feel the pain of mourning and loss.

For her latest release 'Corner of The Room' she has taken a step 'into the dark' - both literally and metaphorically - recounting the tale of what it feels like for a spider to be that (often) unwanted visitor that, through no fault of its own, strikes fear into the heart whilst just innocently watching and wondering what it would be like to be human.

In the deliciously dark accompanying video she plays out the role of the misunderstood arachnid - her body draped in cobwebs twisting,twitching and spinning rhythmically through shafts of light and a gentle hail of dust particles.

It is in the music too where a darkness is to be found and where an exciting new direction for her is being explored.

'Corner of The Room' is the first track to be released from her forthcoming second album 'Feather Moon'.

It marks a new direction in the musical journey of Little Sparrow with deeper shades of drama and a larger production which, added to her unique songwriting skill and her pure and beautiful vocal, makes her one of the most exciting artists to be found today.

'Corner of The Room' can be found on all usual digital platforms.




Video by Luca Rudlin at People Staring

Vocals and acoustic guitar – Little Sparrow (Katie Ware)
Cello and Ukulele – Sarah Dale
Guitar and other instruments – Jonny Lexus
Percussion/Drums – Mitch Oldham
Pedal Steel – Jonny Booth
Recorded and produced by Jonny Lexus and Little Sparrow
Vocals recorded by Seadna at Airtight Sudios, Manchester
Additional mixing by Seadna McPhail at Airtight Studios
Mastered by Alan Lowles at Airtight Studios, Manchester

Writers / Contributors: