Mexican Morrissey covers band Mexrrissey celebrate album No Manchester at hmv

Mexican Morrissey covers band Mexrrissey celebrate their album ‘No Mexico’ at hmv Manchester

Acclaimed Mexican band Mexrrissey, renowned for their distinctive reinventions of classic Morrissey songs visit hmv to perform live & sign copies of their new album ‘No Manchester’ on Tuesday 12th April at 5:30pm.


‘International Playgirl’, the first single taken from the album, flips the gender of the subject as well as the nationality of Morrissey’s original hit song. There is a snatch of Mexican classic tune Tequila and a nod of the hat to Narco don Caro Quintero rather than to Reggie Kray.


Released on March 4th, No Manchester was mixed by Jack Lahana, winner of multiple Grammy’s for his work with Phoenix and Daft Punk. The title, ‘No Manchester’ is a Mexican slang phrase meaning ‘no way’ or ‘Are you kidding me?’ but more than that it means these songs, born in Manchester, have grown up, changed their hair and the clothes they wear and are living somewhere else under an assumed name.


Andy Wood, Director of the La Linea Festival in London approached Camilo Lara with the initial idea to put together Mexrrissey. Andy says: “It just felt like time. I had a sense of the feeling for Morrissey in Mexico and the way that his music could connect with so much in Mexican music.”


Camilo adds: “I always thought that there were these invisible lines between what Morrissey and Manchester represents and what Mexico City and Mexican pop culture has. And if these are tiny coincidences, we’re making them a little bit bigger on this occasion with a concert of broken hearts and forgotten dreams.”