Interview with LULU ahead of her Manchester Academy show

Interview with LULU ahead of her Manchester Academy show

Grammy-nominated soul singer LULU will be in Manchester this weekend to perform her biggest hits and share intimate moments from her astonishing 50-year career.


LULU shot to fame at aged 15 thanks to her Lung stretching wedding dancefloor-filler "Shout", her globally recognised vocals can be found on the title song to James Bond’s "The Man with the Golden Gun" and who can forget her Eurovision Song Contest winning "Boom Bang-a-Bang".


LULU’s show reel pops with moments of magic and there’s no mistaking her enthusiasm for life on the road. I spoke to her briefly this week while en route to Inverness for a performance.


This is exactly what I live for. She said with vigor.


I’m still in this business after 50 years because I love what I do. I’m not here for the money, the fame or the fortune, it’s all about the music for me.


As well as performing tracks from her own repertoire and numbers from her musical heroes Ray Charles and Otis Redding, the Scottish Songstress will share intimate anecdotes, song writing experiences, and a bunch of entertaining stories. Be prepared to be inspired.


Now I’ve lived a life I have stories to tell, I like to take the audience on a journey, it’s not scripted, it’s in the moment, the way I like to live my life.


Over the years I have changed my life, I’m not looking for stuff I don’t have, I don’t regret things I’ve done or not done, I’m living right now, in this moment. I’ve been reading work by Eckhart Tolle and he’s reminded me of the importance of just that.


As human beings we waste a lot of what is right in front of us and we miss the enjoyment that can bring. So I’m now trying to enjoy everything, and I think that comes across on stage.

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It takes a lot of disappointment, a lot of being humbled and then looking at what you do have and thinking – I’m well off, spiritually the bank is full.


I only had one child and I always used to wish I had more but now my son has blessed me with grandchildren I don’t feel like that anymore. That’s the power of now.



Rejuvinated and full of energy off the back of a 2-week holiday in Thailand, she talks about maturing with true grace, we laughed as she reminded me that the starry-eyed 15-year-old that started out 50 years ago is still 'in there' and is infact very prevalent indeed.


We share a desire to make the music sound as authentic and original as possible, just the way it should be, we’re keeping it real.


Always changing and developing as an artist; LULU and her hand-picked band share a desire to make the music sound as authentic and original as possible.


I really like to shake things up musically. She said.


I’ve got a great band. We’ve been together for just over 2 years, they’re a great bunch of young musicians. When I put the band together I insisted that they all be great at playing their respective instruments and that they be great singers also.


We all share a similar taste in music and musical inspiration - Stax records and original Motown material. We share a desire to make the music sound as authentic and original as possible, just the way it should be, we’re keeping it real.


The cherry on top for the Manchester performance comes in the form of the Military wife’s, they will be Joining LULU on stage to perform the new single ‘Cry’ together.


I first saw them perform live last year and was blown away, the emotion they stir up from an audience is really quite something. Then I learnt more about their plight and made arrangements to have them on tour with me.


I think it’s so very important that we respectfully honor and help the soldiers transition back into normal life after they have been at war. PTSD is a very serious illness indeed and effects people all over the world.


Proceed from the single will go directly to the Military Wife’s charity to help those in desperate need. To get your copy visit



Saturday 26th March 2016


Box Office No: 0161 832 1111


Doors 7pm

Tickets: £27.50 | @lulushouts

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