HUE & CRY to support PAUL YOUNG on 80's themed mini tour

HUE & CRY to support PAUL YOUNG in 80's themed mini tour

80's duo HUE & CRY will be sharing the stage with pop legend Paul Young during a mini tour this December which includes one night at Manchester's Academy 2 on Sunday 11th December 2016.


Brothers Patrick and Gregory Kane formed Hue and Cry in 1983, the duo made a huge impact in the late 80's with the albums 'Seduced and Abandoned' and 'Remote' as well as the massive hit singles such as 'Labour of Love' , 'Ordinary Angel' and 'Looking For Linda'.


We just love to write and perform. Patrick told me last week in his broad Glaswegian accent.


We’ve been doing this for nigh on 30’s years now, along-side our own headline gigs we like to do 80’s oriented performances. We did a tour recently with The Christians and Go West which was very popular and to be working with Paul (Young) is a great honor. He added.


To date Hue and Cry have sold in excess of two million records and tens of thousands of concert tickets worldwide, they have also performed alongside some of the greats, U2, James Brown, Madonna, Al Green and Van Morrison to name but a few.


Patrick's understandably proud when we chat about Hue and Cry's contribution to music, particularly their earlier stuff, the tracks that first garnered attention and subsequent credibility, a credibility that came from the times we were in Patrick thinks, to understand why a little bit of musical history is required. Patrick explains:


It was the tail end of what you might call post punk, punk started it off from 76 to 79 and then after that followed all these bands who were just as angry or just as committed or just a radical. They loved soul music, they loved funk and they loved jazz too, and they wanted to hear stuff that combined their punk values with great musicianship.


Bands like Heaven 17 and ABC, Human League, ACR, Scritti Politti.


These were the ones that inspired us to make music and they were only one small step away from Punk rock, so when we made songs like Labour of Love, I refuse or Ordinary Angel, they had a spirit about them - they say something of significance.


Also in terms of history we were around just before rave kicked off, rave wasn’t about artists or stars, it was about the collective experience and the music that came from that wasn’t really people trying to write world beating pop songs, it was more about the groove.


If we were credible then that came from the times we were in. If we were making records at a later time than we did then I don’t think they would have sounded as good as they do.


What should people expect from a Hue & Cry performance on this mini tour?


Half the set is songs they know well and the other half is songs that less people have heard but those that have heard them are growing to love. And Paul Young’s a great soul singer and a great icon I think people are in for a really great night.


PAUL YOUNG and Special Guests HUE & CRY – December 2016 - UK Tour Dates:

Sunday 11th December MANCHESTER – Academy 2 Box Office No: 0161 832 1111

Website - Doors – 7.00pm - £25.00

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