Manchester Pop trio ‘Reconnected’ set their sights on chart success

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Having just completed a sell-out 22 date tour supporting Little Mix; Manchester pop trio Reconnected are now focusing their collective energy on attaining chart success with their début single - One In A Million.


Reconnected - One in A Million

Bannatyne Records Release Date: 17th March 2013



With the help of their loyal and ever increasing fan base; Manchester schoolboys Max, Harry and Matt have been selling out venues across the country including two shows at Sound Control which not only sold out in record time but also created hysteria both inside and outside the venue.


Their tireless hard work and commitment to pop stardom is finally starting to pay off and their growing popularity has lead to them signing a major management deal with Bannatyne Music.


They are now recording with internationally acclaimed writers & producers including Tim Woodcock whose hit songs have sold over 23 million records worldwide. Tim has previously penned for such luminaries as Gary Barlow, JLS, Eliza Doolittle, James Morrison and Jay Sean plus loads more names you would recognise.


I met with Max and Harry this week to find out more about their expectations for Reconnected's début single and plans for the future.

(Max) We have a rough idea of sales but whatever happens we would be ecstatic if we break into the top 40.

(Harry) If we can get into the top 40 we’ll have reached a higher level to where we’ve been for the last two years. A lot of people look down on singers that have come from reality TV and for that reason we feel like we’ve had to start again to get to where we are now. We’re going crazy on social media to encourage fans to pre-order the track.


I met Matt Cardle recently and he said that he’s more interested in selling albums and not concerned with single sales, with that in mind do have plans to record an album? or Is the possibility of an album determined by the success of the single coming out this weekend?

(Max) We are just starting off and trying to get in the charts with our debut single, that’s the most important thing in our lives right now. We can talk about that (an album) if the single performs well.

(Harry) We have started to think more about the second single and looking for the right track, hopefully ‘One in a million’ will go great and give us a platform to chart higher with our 2nd 3rd 4th singles.


Having reached the finals of the 4th series of Britain’s got Talent under the name 'Connected' the boys have had what is best described as a two year pop apprenticeship, I ask if they've noticed how much they've improved as singers and entertainers during that time.

(Harry) Definitely, even just in the last couple of months, when you perform the same set sometimes more than once a day you naturally get better, when we did the tour with Little Mix – the first date was in Rhyl, Denbighshire, it was a great gig but when I watch that back I really notice how much we’ve come on even since then, now we’re on a different level.

(Max) If we get things wrong on stage we always try to rehearse and practice the following morning, now bear in mind we usually get up at about 6 0’clock anyway – so we’re up at 5am to practice our moves until we get it right.

(Harry) A lot of Bands we see tend to just walk around on stage but we like to give it our all, when we come of stage we like dripping wet… sounds disgusting but we’re soaking wet, breathless.

(Max) A bit like Lee Evans when he does his live show!


How exciting must it be to be poised for chart success, with the support of a super-rich dragon, fans growing by the day and not only that, you’re brothers too.

(Max) We’ve got the best fans ever - they wait for us and stay late to talk to us and they say ‘don’t worry; you’ll get to number one - easy’. The reality is; it’s really difficult. We’ve got 3 bundles on iTunes right now and each bundle will count towards our chart position so the pre orders are so important to helping us chart and the fans are amazing - helping us to promote over social media.


Looking at your Facebook and Twitter activity – it’s clear you love to engage with your fans and they’ve reciprocated by making you a trending subject on lots of occasions, one big single and you guys are gonna be big news…

(Max) We genuinely believe that if the track charts next Sunday then it’s likely to go up from there rather than out, because it is a catchy song. We’re not trying to push a song that we don’t believe in.


Penned by Swedish song writer Harry Sommer Dahl, the prolific producer responsible for Warzone by The Wanted as well as Lil’ Wayne’s next single and tracks from the Saturday’s last album. It might be some time before the lads get a chance to release a track they’re written themselves, not that it stops them trying though.

(Harry) We do try and we’ve just finished co-writing a track, we’re looking forward to working on more soon.

(Max) We wanted the first track to be perfect.


I Imagine your first album to be a mixture of tracks written by the big guns, probably some cover’s and maybe a collaboration thrown in there, who would you most like to collaborate with?

JJJJJ J-B! sings Harry

Yeah Justin Bieber, we love his music right now and he’d clearly be a good option for us, Reaffirmed Max.


What don’t fans know about you that they would find interesting?

Every morning at 2am I go downstairs and drink a pint of milk, Harry confessed to which his mum contributes “That’s where all the milks going, it’s no wonder there’s none left for my coffee in the morning!”

Now there’s a fun fact, Max said with just a pinch of sarcasm.


As we bring the interview to a close to let the guys sign autographs and take pictures (there’s no denying their popularity as they walk through our office building) Max said - We are very fortunate, we have a small team but it’s a great team, we’ve got an excellent radio plugger, Duncan’s (Bannatyne) obviously amazing for us but best of all - our fans, they are the kindest people in the world and they will try their very hardest to get us into the charts next week.


Reconnected - One in A Million

Bannatyne Records Release Date: 17th March 2013



Written by Craig Nelson
Photos by Craig Barker (Press here to see all shots from the interview)


Reconnected - One In A Million

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