Irish comedian Patrick Kielty returns to stand-up roots for new show ‘HELP!’

Patrick Kielty: HELP


“TV has not tamed this man –one of the funniest comedians you will ever see” What’s On Stage.


Patrick Kielty shot to fame in 1995 after appearing on Comic Relief’s St Patrick’s Day Stand-Up Special alongside comic heavyweights Ben Elton and Jo Brand. Two decades later and he’s now a well-established funny man – in high demand on both sides of the Atlantic.


There’s quite a few air miles - I’m not going to lie. He told me when we spoke on Friday.


Normally on tour you can pretend you’re busy and end up watching Homes under the Hammer and Escape to the Country in some hotel room and actually be having a very nice time. But No, this time, there’s no time, every last second is taken.


Paddy’s stressing over time and deadlines and it's understandable when you consider his current commitments.


He’s hosting the BBC NEW COMEDY AWARDS on Tuesday and the BBC are screaming at him for a script. He has his gig on Wednesday night at the Lowry and there’s the little matter of 4 episodes of a sitcom to write – one of which needs to be delivered in 2 weeks’ time.


I'm not complaining, being in demand is a luxury. he added


I asked him about the concept behind his new show ‘HELP!‘


It was basically to produce an advice book just for me.


So what I do for the first hour of the show is I tell people where my head is at, how my life is going and what my problems are. At the end of the show they then send advice up and we choose one piece to go in the book.


The idea was for me to have a book that I could reflect on.


The advice people send up is basically anything to take the piss out of me at the end of the show. It’s a mixture of Twitter and Heckling.


So far people have not disappointed. He reels of a few examples he’s received: ‘Don’t take a sleeping tablet and a laxative on the night’ was one such pearler.


I don’t think there’s a publisher in the land that would be interested in turning it into a real book but it makes for a very funny gig.


The advice people send up is basically anything to take the piss out of me at the end of the show. It’s a mixture of Twitter and Heckling.


Someone tried to sell me their Reliant Robin and I’ve been asked to adopt a donkey.


Off stage Patrick says he couldn’t be happier. He married TV presenter Cat Deeley last year in Italy and they are expecting their first child in Spring of 2016.


Normally when you’re away on tour you finish absolutely knackered and can’t wait to get home to catch up on your sleep. I’m realising that the 6-7 hours’ sleep I got last night will be like the best night sleep I ever had come the spring.


People keep giving me the same advice, they say ‘Get some sleep now!’


Patrick will be adding to his modern rulebook for love, life and happiness when he visits The Lowry Theatre this Wednesday 28th October 2015.



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