Salon perfected styling tips from Mark Hill

Top Celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill dropped into Boots on Market Street last Thursday (26th Nov.) to showcase his latest product range and to offer salon perfected styling tips.


‘This is a great opportunity for us to get out and show the products and share knowledge of how to get the best from the products’ explained Mark.


Flanked by his loyal salon team, the Hull born scissor maestro appeared genuinely pleased to be on the shop floor, clearly he enjoys the chatting and selfie’s but it’s the opportunity for market research that really straightens out his curls.


I’m interested to speak to consumers to ask them what it is they want.


It is great to meet people who’ve been using the brand for years, I get some great feedback and genuine feedback about the quality and reliability of the product. We are very proactive in that respect.


This is our 9th show on this tour, we visit all the big cities and being on the road means I can demonstrate the product myself. I find that very satisfying.


I started the range 16 years ago with the idea that the consumer could get a salon quality product without a ridiculous price tag.


Salon quality products at home has become an overused beauty cliché in recent years, I asked Mark if we can genuinely believe the claims that we hear.


We have 6,000 clients on our books and we use Mark Hill products on them all. All the products we make – we use in our salon.


It must have been a great day almost 2 decades ago for a young Mark Hill to clear out the salon of all things Wella and replace with his own branded product.


It was a dream for a northern based hairdresser to win the title of British hairdresser of the year and use that great platform to create and launch my brand.


Extra special when considering that the title hadn’t previously been won by anyone based outside of London. Mark set the president, and when on to reinforce with a ‘told you it wasn’t a fluke’ second win.


Nicky Clarke, Trevor Sorbie, Charles Worthington, these are the names that dominated the winners podium for years. Mark Hill and co entered as the new generation.


Glancing around the store Mark gestures toward passers-by: it’s interesting to note that he sees everyone in the store as having some kind of problem they are trying to address, even those people with great hair have the problem of maintaining great hair and keeping on top of it.


Embrace what you’ve got and go with it.


Take Mark’s hair for example:


I’ve got mad, whizzy curly, fluffy hair that needs a lot of control. He explains


The problem is that most people are unsure and end up wearing it up all the time instead of enjoying it down, I try to educate.


I say enjoy and embrace your curls, stop fighting your curls with straighteners. Go with what you’re given, that’s the best advice I can offer.


Embrace what you’ve got and go with it.


If you have fine hair, recognise that and treat it with something like our hair Botox. It’s a collagen filler that plumps up your hair. It’s perfect for boosting thickness, amplifying the roots  and  adding amazing moisture.


When you really want to turn up the volume, apply XL Amplifying Serum after shampooing but before conditioning. By sealing the concentrated Marine Serum into the hair will give you greater volume and make it last longer!


We feel like we’re pushing the boundaries, we’re doing something new and something different.


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