DOI Pro Skater Dan Whiston talks Shag Piles, Testicals & Tweddle

Dan Whiston

Since accepting a personal invitation to appear on Dancing On Ice series 1 by Torvill and Dean, Pro skater Dan Whiston has enjoyed unrivalled success on the hit ITV show.

Famed for his cheeky wink, Dan opened up his DOI account by winning the first series with actress Gaynor Faye and he's gracefully cemented himself amongst the elite Pro's by winning again in the fifth series with actress Hayley Tammadon.

This Year Dan's paired with one of our Olympic hero's Beth Tweddle and he has nothing but praise for the artistic gymnasts elasticity despite it almost causing him a mischief!

I’m not joking – she's got the bendiest legs I’ve ever seen, she's can do things with her legs that I didn't believe were possible. He shared with excitement.

Some of the lifts we do have never been done before, it's not been possible to do them before.

We have this particular lift where she stands on the crown jewels, I'm not gonna lie – it's not the most pleasant experience – especially with skates on! - then she flips upside down which I didn't think was humanly possible. The other day in training her heal caught my testical, I'm not joking – I nearly lost my left ball! I swear, It ripped my tracksuit bottoms clean off, I was stood there in my underpants.

I don't mind suffering for the show and I’m certain Beth will bring some exciting stuff and as long as it's not my left testical; I’m not bothered!

This series of DOI has been full of surprises, it's only week one and we've already lost Hollywood star Pammy Anderson, with the supposed big gun out of the way; I wonder if Dan thinks he can claim his third crown? And who can we expect to be the front runners? Is anyone safe?

I'm not sure, we don't have anyone who stands out as a potential winner at this stage so I expect the leader board to be different every week. There's a good group of skaters rather than stand out individuals, I really think the tables will turn every week which should make for an interesting leader board.

We do have Joe Pasquale who may I add is an amazing guy, he's so much fun, I asked him how it was going an he said “Well, remember Todd Carty? Well I’m kinda like his Dad...” Joe's so endearing, I think the pubic will love him.

Dan's cheeky wink has delighted viewers in every single series of the show since it started making him the longest serving pro on the show, and not only that; he's the only person to win the show twice.

Yes, I know I can't believe it, I've done every one so far, Matt Evers and I have both been there since day 1. It feels really special to be still here to tell the tale and this ones year number 8, I'm really thankful and I’m enjoying the ride.

Dan got his first pair of skates at the tender age of 7 and learned to skate on Pleasure Beach, Blackpool , he's performed in various sell-out touring shows including Grease On Ice and Hot Ice.

Never one to forget his roots - the off season sees Dan returning to the Fylde coast to spend time with his parents and he even lends a hand in his Dad's carpet shop.

My mum and dad love it, and when the TV show is on; business is usually booming in the carpet shop, there's people flooding in, the shag pile's flying out!

I'll always go back and help my dad, That's where I come from, It's what I’ve always done and being on TV won't stop me.

Suddenly it not such a girly thing to do. Ice skating is for all the family, dads included.

Times have certainly changed since the early days of competitive Ice skating, once the chosen spectator sport for the blue rinse brigade - now thanks mostly to reality TV - Ice Skating is in the spotlight, a mainstream sport even. But what about the Stigma? You know, is it not still a bit girly.. Not so according to Dan.

Big sporting stars like David Seamen and Kyran Bracken have been on the show, this year we've got Gareth Thomas who's a big strong Rugby star, these are big fellas, and they're not just having a go, they're succeeding and doing well - suddenly it not such a girly thing to do. Ice skating is for all the family, dads included. It's great to see ice rinks packed out around the country and it's very positive for the sport.

I was waiting in a car park for my mate the other day, I could see a little girl through the window and she was showing her mum skating moves and shouting “look at me Mum I'm doing a spiral, I'm on Dancing on Ice”

That's what it's about for me, teaching and inspiring young kids to get on the ice and have a go and hopefully a show like Dancing on Ice can help us produce future Olympic skaters.

You can catch Dan and Olympian Beth Tweddle skating for your votes on Sunday night's at 6:15 on ITV.

Dan Whiston

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