Help the Third World

Mancs are set to mark "Fairtrade Fortnight" by swapping Kebabs for bean chilli as part of a series of events to benefit Third World farmers.


The annual campaign is designed to promote Fairtrade foods, which are imported from impoverished countries with a percentage of profit being passed on to the farmer. Mancunians are urged to do a "big swap" by eating and drinking Fairtrade goods rather than traditional choices.


Eighth Day Café on Oxford Road is holding daily events, with free Divine Fairtrade chocolate tasting sessions, and special additions to its menu including bean chilli, quinoa salad, tropical flapjacks, banana smoothies and chocolate brownies.


The shop will also be holding a "guess the amount of Fairtrade coffee beans in the jar" competition, with all proceeds going to the Fairtrade Foundation. Customer Sorrell Waldie, a 27-year-old musician, backed the event.

I feel that wherever possible I attempt to purchase ethical products. Whatever can be done to help people change there everyday items for a Fairtrade alternative is productive and ethically sound. Sorrell Waldie.

Alexandra Herod, 26, a student from Stalybridge, said that the Fairtrade Fortnight was a great idea for raising awareness, but felt that it should be part of a broader campaign to make people change their shopping habits.


“It’s encouraging that more and more producers are seeking Fairtrade Certification,” she said. “But you have to wonder whether it is a quick fix to seem like a caring company.”


Dance groups from across Greater Manchester will also join in the celebration, donning their dancing shoes and "sipping the tea fantastic" at Manchester Town Hall.


A Spokeswoman from Eighth Day Café said the campaign was worthwhile, adding that the café and shop promote Fairtrade products throughout the year.


“We sell everything from Fairtrade coffee to dried fruit whilst our café uses Fairtrade products such as sugar wherever possible.”


Further information on Fairtrade Fortnight is available on

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