Getting 'M-engaged' The perfect package for proposing to your man

Getting M-engaged The perfect package for proposing to your man

Many women around the UK who were hoping for a romantic proposal this Valentine's Day, but instead were left without a ring on their finger, will consider taking matters into their own hands on 29th February, Leap Year Day.


Britain's best-known steak restaurant, Beefeater, has created the perfect 'Leap Year Proposal Package'; helping to turn traditions on their head for women who were left disappointed on Valentine's Day.


Research conducted by Beefeater revealed 20% of women said they would like to propose to their partner. However, the 28% of women who said they would be worried about their partner's reaction need not to worry, with over half of men (59%) saying that they would love their girlfriends to get down on one knee.


To ensure the package would be perfect for males, the research looked at the differences between men and women's attitudes towards proposals, showed that men rank factors such as the method of proposal (56%) and location (26%) higher than the importance of the engagement ring itself. Unsurprisingly, women proved that diamonds really are a girl's best friend with two in three (67%) saying that the ring was the highest of their priorities - a stark contrast to just 18% of men.  



Only 17% of men say that candles, flowers and romantic gestures would be important to them and 40% proved that food really is the way to a mans heart, stating that their ideal proposal would involve food.


As such, Beefeater created the limited edition 'Leap Year Proposal Package', available on request in selected restaurants on 29th February and designed especially with men in mind. The lucky guy will be presented with a customised 'man-sized' engagement ring jewellery box containing the following:


·      A 10oz steak branded: 'Will You Marry Me?' - as the method of proposal is more important than the ring

·      'Crispfetti' - replacing rose petals, for a more edible choice of table decoration in the form of crinkle cut chips

·      Onion Ring replacing a diamond ring - to support men's relaxed attitude towards the ring,

·      Two bottles of beer - to toast the engagement, instead of champagne  

·      A man sized box of tissues - for when he gets emotional


Sarah Tinsley, Head of Marketing at Beefeater, said: "With Leap Day only falling every four years, we wanted to help women across the country take their engagement into their own hands and ensure a successful proposal. The Beefeater 'Leap Year Proposal Package' has been tailored for men, especially those who like their food, with an edible ring, crisp confetti and of course a branded steak that does the job of popping the question! We hope to see a few newly engaged couples on 29th February and are looking forward to celebrating with them." | @beefeatergrill