A Night At The Movies with Manchester chef the Drunken Butcher

A Night At The Movies with Manchester chef the Drunken Butcher

On Tuesday 31st March, 7-11pm Kosmonaut is hosting A Night At The Movies with Manchester chef the Drunken Butcher.


Forget the popcorn, Drunken Butcher, AKA Iain Devine, has created a supper club tasting menu inspired by Iain’s favourite food and drink scenes from the big screen.  


Known for his fusion of traditional and modern styles, Drunken Butcher pulls no punches with this menu, handcrafted especially for Kosmonaut, exhibiting his obsessive love of using every part of the animal or ingredient to create distinctive, yet intriguing, dishes of the highest quality.


Guests will have the chance to dine like Hannibal and try succulent Liver with some Fava Beans and a nice Chianti, as well as a Pulp Fiction inspired tender Big Kahuna Burger slider.


The distinct menu also features Pasta and Sunday Gravy fit for any Corleone, followed by a ‘The Big Lebowski’; a creamy, white Russian assiette - be careful man, there’s a beverage here’.


Working together with the Drunken Butcher, the team at Kosmonaut has created a bespoke drinks list, from Vesper Martini’s to Banana Daiquiri’s, that perfectly compliment the theme of the night and all dishes on the menu. On the night guests will have the chance to opt in to the drinks pairings:


Caviar Canapé

A Vesper Martini or A Glass of Champagne

Casino Royale


Seafood Risotto

Vermentino Bianco, Il Torchio, Puglia

Big Night


Big Kahuna Burger Slider

Marcellus Wallace’s Soul

Pulp Fiction


Liver and Fava Beans

A Nice Chianti, Casale dello Sparviero, Castellina

Silence of the Lambs


Pasta and Sunday Gravy

Alarico, Terre Nobili, Calabria

The Godfather


Banana Daiquiri Pre-Dessert


White Russian Ice Cream

A Re-imagined White Russian

The Big Lebowski


 “Iain’s enthusiasm and generosity is infectious and the food was right up my street.”

Hungry Manc


Tickets are priced at £22, which includes all five courses. Drink pairing is optional, with an extra cost of £18, which guests can opt into on arrival at Kosmonaut at 7:30pm. The event will end around 11:00pm.


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