Award-winning film ‘Audition’ has its international premiere in Manchester

Award-winning film ‘Audition’ has its international premiere in Manchester

What is real love? New York filmmaker Matt Herron spent over 15 years peeling back layers of expectations and disappointments to explore how we allow fear and loneliness to sabotage lasting love.


The result? An unprecedented film for which Herron blends two genres (documentary and narrative) to create an absorbing new storytelling platform that explores one of the most profound issues experienced by singles today.


On the surface, “AUDITION” is a cautionary tale of how a one-night stand can easily evolve from sizzling to tragic when a young couple’s desperate search for love becomes unsustainable by physical attraction alone.


Behind the scenes, a different drama takes flight as 100 of New York’s finest actors compete to portray the young couple in the film’s explosive finale as their short-lived romance spirals out of control. Until then, each scene is presented as a unique compilation of the best performances from multiple actors.


It is when the film is viewed as a whole that we realize Herron has blurred the lines between fact and fiction so seamlessly that it is challenging to distinguish what is real and what is not. In the end, the characters’ search for love parallels the actors’ struggle for success as the story ricochets between desperate optimism and inevitable rejection as this sensually riveting journey unfolds.


The film features Lolita Foster (Orange is the New Black), Jonathan Laffey (License Plates), Marion Le Coguic (Last Train to Brooklyn) and Cara Loften (Seek, First Impression).


"AUDITION" was recently named Best Documentary by the Lone Star Film Society, and praised by (among others), MungleShow @themungle as “organic, powerful, emotionally authentic” and film critic Cary Darling of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram as “an impressive work; the editing alone is something to be admired.


Screening to take place on Sunday March 6th at Odeon Printworks as part of the Manchester Film Festival.


Tickets for "AUDITION" are available to book at as well as from the Odeon Printworks Box Office.