‘RUN’ (18 cert) A Manchester made short film that's attracted the attention of Stephen Fry


'RUN' is certainly an impressive piece of work, at just over 6 minutes long - it's beautifully gentle in places, shocking to the core in others...


This short film is made all the more impressive when you consider it was written, shot, edited as well as screened in just 4 days as part of Filmonik Halloween KinoKabaret 2012. The film is shot in a very organic and naturalistic, almost documentary way, with guiding direction that works with improvised performances by the cast.


Living legend Stephen Fry has shown his appreciation for Director Mat Johns' film by sharing a link to the video with his 5.1 million Twitter followers. Clearly delighted, Mat told me:


We've gone from 800 hits to 3300 in less than 24 hours! That's so damn kind of Stephen Fry! I can't believe it. Mat Johns - Director 'RUN'


So what's the Story?

The film follows Sam (Joseph Stacey), a young man who is on an unpredictable journey traveling around the world. He writes a letter to his mother back home and this forms the narrative / back story of the piece. Sam meets up with a young, outgoing couple (played by Gabi Herrett and John Grey) and a friendship develops almost immediately. They offer to show him around and even give him a place to stay.


There’s a feeling of melancholy about the film, as Sam isn’t just exploring the world; it’s as if he is getting away from something too.


Joe O'Byrne, Manchester Gossip writer and creator of Tales from Paradise Heights had this to say: Darkly Extraordinary. Check Mat Johns now (this one may not be for the squeamish) but he is developing a body of work that kiss's you in the heart or stabs you in the eye, either way he will leave a lasting impression.  All his work is no budget, give this guy a budget and he'll deliver a Manchester Movie Milestone...'

Written, directed, shot & cut by
Mat Johns

Joseph Stacey
Gabi Herrett
John Grey

VO recording by Chris Taylor

Audio Edit by Phil McDuff