Film Review: Serena

Film Review: Serena

Set in North Carolina during the depression, in a logging settlement - deep in the smoky mountains.


I have to say I was not looking forward to reviewing this film, however, during the first hour I was intrigued but this then faded as the film went on and on.


The question is why? Why make this film, what did it tell us about anything - other than the complexities of the female mind, there's lots of atmosphere and grey landscapes.


Directed by Susanne Beir known for her Academy Award winning film 'In a better world', Serena feels like she is trying far to hard to make a classic like Shane or Unforgiven and falling short. If length was a governing factor she would have scraped through, sadly in this case it is not.


The plot is at best 'meandering' leaving viewers to lose interest.


The arrival of an Eagle came and went without much fuss or impact on the characters and made me feel an opportunity had been lost. It must be difficult for Bradley Cooper as his good looks detract from his acting ability, he manages a reasonable part in the film, however, whether he makes a convincing timber baron is up for debate.


There is much talent both in front of and behind the lens and it must be as big a surprise to all concerned how the outcome is so dire.


The best I can say about the film Serena is 'meh'.


Review by Michael Colwell


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