Scribbler taps into Manchester’s sense of humour

With online sales of cheeky and humorous Christmas cards in Manchester increasing 30-fold in the last two years, Scribbler, the fastest growing greeting card retailer in the UK has just brought its brand of edgy, irreverent humour to a new city centre store in time for the festive countdown.

Having just opened this Sunday at 14 Market Street, the new store brings with it examples of a shifting festive culture with best sellers including the card depicting a wonderfully festive couple with the line: “Let’s spend loads of money on shit we don’t need” and the more pointed: “Cheer up you grumpy twat… it’s Christmas” and even “you can take your nauseating Christmas cheer and shove it up your arse”!

“Our research into Mancunian’s attitude to the irreverent told us clearly that they feel more freedom today to embrace and share more controversial humour when it comes to greetings of all sorts. We are very excited about finally opening in Manchester. They seem to like a twist, are happy to consider something slightly more left field and are always prepared to laugh at life,” said Scribbler founder and owner John Procter.

“A few weeks ago I was on a train going into Piccadilly station and heard a young girl tell her friend:

“Have you heard about the new range of white tracksuits for women up in Manchester? Apparently Mancunian brides have them on back order” which did make me chuckle,” he said.


Scribbler will be testing ranges of cards with focus groups in the region on an ongoing basis to keep on top of the local trends and is looking to introduce a “Local Recommends” section – the favourite cards of local customers.

“We ultimately want to tap into Mancunian humour and even produce a card or two conceived by locals”.

Scribbler - 14 Market Street - Manchester