Spooky happenings that are sure to give you the chills

Spooky happenings that are sure to give you the chills

With the creepiest night of the year almost upon us, staff at Chill Factore have witnessed some spooky happenings that have been giving them more chills than usual.  


Ski jumps and 360º snowboard twists aren't the only tricks happening on the snow. Team members at Chill Factore have encountered a number of unusual things on its slope that have resulted in people working in pairs for the early morning and late night shifts, as they are refusing to work alone.


Snow Technician, Adam Graham says, "Every night we produce 10 tonnes of fresh snow and on a couple of occasions I've come into work in the morning to prep the snow ready for the day to find footprints on the slope. They're unexplainable; the prints appear randomly in the snow, meaning that whoever left these footprints definitely didn't walk up and down the slope like we would."  


It's not just footprints that have been found either. Equipment has gone missing on a few occasions; a pair of skis one week and helmets the next. Who'd have thought that ghosts would be so safety conscious?!


On the series of mysterious events, Chill Factore CEO, Morwenna Angove said: "We're currently undertaking a thorough analysis of CCTV footage to try and track down the culprit and find an explanation to these creepy incidents. We're even using EMF meters to asses any changes in the electro-magnetic field of the slope to see how the footprints might have gotten there and whether we're potentially looking at a paranormal explanation. We're all a bit shaken up by the recent occurrences, so we hope to find out what's going on soon."


Chill Factore's -4º temperatures aren't the only thing leaving chills down people's spines this Halloween. Head on down to the spooktacular real snow slope and leave your own tracks in the snow. 


Spooktacular Halloween offers include, Ski and Snowboard Fun Taster lessons for just £19 (should be £22/£25). These 50 minute sessions are the perfect introduction to snowsports.


Or head to Chill Factore's recently revamped Snow Park for an exhilarating day out as a family. For only £14.50, kids aged 4+ and adults alike can sledge, slide and race down the snow slope in double donuts.


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