Dominic Monaghan Q&A

Dominic Monaghan


Alison Bell catches up with one of Manchester's favourite sons; Movie Star - Dominic Monaghan.


Dominic, you seem to be from quite a creative family ~ your brother is a singer/songwriter living and working in Spain. It must be difficult with family get-togethers with you living in LA now.

I'm back at least two times a year, coinciding with Manchester United games!


What do you miss about Manchester?

Family, friends, pubs, banter, Manchester United, the weather...


Are you still in touch with all your old friends?

Yeah, of course. I've known my best friend since St Winifred's School, and have a large group of friends who I see when I'm back.


When you return, do you go 'out on the town' or stay local?

I do a little of both ~ a pub crawl around Heaton Moor is always fun and I enjoy nipping into town.


Where did it all begin and where did you study drama?

I did plays when I was 7 at school. I got an agent via the Manchester Youth Theatre and scored the part in Hetty Wainthropp Investigates when I was 17, studying drama at Aquinas College.


If you hadn't become an actor, what would you be doing now?

Hmmm, that's a tough one. Some sort of artist, hopefully. I got soooo lucky.


Your acting career has been very successful to date. What are the highlights so far?

Not got there yet ~ the best is yet to come!


The Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the most successful film series of all time. How did it feel to be part of the team & what was director Peter Jackson like to work with?

I'm amazingly proud to have been involved with something that meant so much to us filming it, and meant the same to people watching it.


Are you still in touch with some of the cast?

Of course! Billy, Elijah, Viggo, Orlando, Ian...and I'm currently working with Sean Bean.


Your next major project after Lord of the Rings, was Lost. Again, it was massively successful, but was quite a complex (& confusing) series ~ did you have any idea on where it would go?

That's like asking Huckleberry Finn if he knows what's going to happen in his book. I played a fictional character ~ I had no idea.


If you're throwing a party, who would you LOVE to invite?

David Attenborough, Wayne Rooney, Angelina Jolie, Richard Dawkins, Ian Brown and Eddie Izzard.


Do you watch any UK TV ~ Coronation Street etc?

I despise soap operas. I love Dragons' Den...anything with David Attenborourgh, Match of the Day...


What are your favourite TV comedy shows?

The Royle Family, Vic and Bob, Garth Marenghi, Steve Coogan's work...


Have you bumped into any celebrities in LA & felt awestruck?

Nope. Just Manchester United players make me speechless and pathetic!


What do you like & dislike about the place?

I love LA. I dislike the fact that I cannot 'pick it up' and put it in Manchester. Hate the traffic.


Do you listen to any UK-based internet radio, or do you have any LA stations that you like?

I only listen to my i-pod. No radio stations play music that I like. My brother, Mat (Monaghan) is a fantastic singer/songwriter. His music is on i-tunes, so I'm constantly blaring him down Sunset Boulevard!


What are the last few tunes you've added to your i-pod?

Come Around by MIA & On to the Next One by Jay-Z.


You're a keen photographer and have exhibited your work in LA. Have you thought about hosting an exhibition in Manchester?

Yes, when they will have me!


You've worked with PETA ~ how did that come about?

I love animals. PETA sought me out. I was only too happy to help. I have 2 snakes, 2 spiders, a praying mantis and 35 moths!


What do you think of the models who've also worked with them and now shamelessly wear/promote real fur?

Hypocrisy on any level is always a little hard to take, but it's difficult to keep a check on what you are wearing at all times.


We can currently see you on TV in the sci-fi series, FlashForward, Channel 5. What other projects/films are you working on?

I'm doing a film in the Ukraine called Soldiers of Fortune, then I will head back to LA to bring together a few different natural history shows I will hope to work on by the end of the year.


Ambitions for the future?

Happiness; children; to be at a Champion League Final where Utd win; health for my loved ones; a balancing out between my career and my quality of life; and cracking the Rubik's Cube in under a minute ~ my current record is 2.12 minutes!


By Alison Bell


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