DIE HEXEN to headline SENSORIUM at Sacred Trinity Church, Salford

Save the date* DIE HEXEN - The Sacred Trinity Church, Salford - 20th November 2015 at 8.30pm

DEATH Recordings presents – “SENSORIUM” – DIE HEXEN’s first headline show!


DIE HEXEN is the creation and alter ego of D Lucille Campbell - a uniquely gifted performance artist, musician and film composer who works both sonically and visually through a variety of media.


Her stunning live performances bring her dark electronic sound to life through a combination of visuals, dance, costume and installation to create an original, visually arresting and thought provoking art form.


In addition to her live performances the Northern Irish born artist is currently scoring the debut experimental short film ‘”POLLEN” for Fine Art photographer Helen Warner. She is also finalising music to be released in next years ‘Late Night Tales’ compilation, making an appearance at the MAC, Belfast Carnival of Delights and is in talks about performing as DIE HEXEN in a new Sci-Fi feature film to be shot in the not too distant future.


She will be joined by Salford Artist Ruth Bate and London based experimental duo Gentle Stranger.


Photo credit: Shay Rowan


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