Diary of a hair transplant patient - pre opp


Now I wouldn’t say I was bald, like say Rooney (was);  not even close but there's no doubt my hair-line’s drifting back, i brush it forward in a vein attempt to cover my embarrassment and cut it short to give the impression I'm handling getting old with grace but enough’s enough, I’m fed up of it, it's high time I did something about it.


Over the past decade, Trichology (the branch of medicine that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp) has improved at the same rate as Man City's first 11. So much so that I think by 2018 Hair Transplants will be about as common a practice as laser teeth whitening.


Todays top surgeons take a strip of hair from the doner area located on the back of your head - between your ears, (this hair is programmed to continue to grow from longer than other areas on your head) it’s then skillfully cut up into individual follicles and implanted where you need it.


I’ve always wanted a decent hairline and a one stop same day process transplant appears to be offering a life changing quick fix. Turn up in the morning and leave later the same day with nothing more than a few stitches in your head. For someone who’s been dreading and fighting hair loss for 15 years - It does sound too good to be true.


Jason Statham's lost his hair and he looks good” that's my brother Jason trying to convince me I don't need one, and he's right, Statham pulls the look off perfectly but he's a rugged hard nut and although my knowledge of his Movie credits is limited;  I’m quite certain he always plays the bad guy, and it suits him but he's a rare commodity, almost all (apologies if you like your figures more specific) ALMOST ALL Hollywood lead men have a crackin’ hair line (or a good syrup), I don't have aspirations of Hollywood stardom but equally I don't want to look like the bad guy. Not only that but I’ve got a funny shaped cranium.


Red devils striker Wayne Rooney has certainly done loads to popularize the procedure, he may well have taken a bit of stick in the dressing room but I think we can all agree that the results are brilliant, not perfect, but believable, and no one can deny it is a cruel twist of fate for anyone to lose their hair in their early 20's.


I'm not running out in front of 80,000 screaming fans every week and we've already established I don't want to be a movie star but I am an entertainment journalist, I have to interview celebrities every week and  I’m expected to be out and about mixing it up and the truth is that some days I look in the mirror and I don't feel much like slaying dragons, some days I just don't feel that confident... and let's not forget the omnipresent meteorological challenge...


I live in Manchester, we do footie and guitar music, we rarely enjoy nice weather, we might occasionally get a freaky hot week. Roses legend Ian Brown famously said, “Manchester's got everything but a beach” it's nothing short of a beautiful quote but I think even Ian would admit that if we had a beach there wouldn't be a soul on it, maybe just a bronze statue of Bez doing his funky jive pose, hey one thing's for sure - he'd be at the opening party, stood next to Rowetta immortalized on the front cover of the Manchester Evening News the very next night.


I've got a lot of love for Manchester and I don't want to live anywhere else, the sun shines through the people of this city but let's face it, if Jeremy Paxman was still forced to do the weather at the end of News Night when he reached the North West he'd simply say “Take an Umbrella”.


From a meteorological standpoint, It rains a lot in this North West media hub, 180 days a year on average, that's practically every other day, once or twice a week's acceptable but the current rate is simply unpleasant, and let's not forget the wind, the wind is rarely sympathetic and it moves in any and every direction, and we're not talking about a nice gentle breeze either, our wind is angry, annoyed, in fact he's down right depressed, he does however have fun with my precisely positioned fringe, he loves blowing the sides right back broadcasting the whiter–than-my-face bald bits and he's quite insistent on funneling the front forward into a point, Yeah cheers wind, the count Dracula look, why didn't I think of that!


More often than I'd like. That's how much I succumb to the comforting reassurance of a cap, ah the perfect masquera although I am more inclined to reach up for the Matt Cardle flat cap style or The Casey Jones as the X calls them, much more befitting of a 41 years old. Hats can work but what about a formal occasion, dinner at San Carlo or a meal at Rosso, you can't wear a cap in a restaurant, for me that's kinda impolite, Rio Ferdy can pull it off but call me old fashioned - I just don't feel comfortable.


No great surgeon is complete without a great surgery.


Today, entry level prices start around 4k in the surgery I’m considering, we're not talking about flying to Bulgaria and doing it on the cheap, my man's the top banana when it comes to hair transplants, I’ve not met him yet but I’ve seen him a hundred times on TV, he's the guy who appears on the news when they need an HT expert, Dragons den star and gym chain owner Duncan Ballantyne loves telling people about him (Yes he’s had one), Radio 1 called him up when they wanted a Trichologist for the live transplant they simulcast last summer. His name is Dr Bessam Farjo, a highly acclaimed hair transplant surgeon who's been working in hair restoration business since 1993.


No great surgeon is complete without a great surgery, The Farjo Medical Centre has 2 UK surgeries, 1 on Harley street in London; the other in Piccadilly Manchester, two minutes walk from my apartment. I'm on my way there now to meet with Mick McHugh, Patient Liaison Manager to find out if I can have it done, and hopefully; if all goes well I can book my surgery day.  I'll let you know how it goes...