Diary of a hair transplant patient - The Appointment

I’m on my way to The Farjo’s Medical Surgery to find out more about the hair transplant options available, to say I’m excited is like saying "RVP’s having an alright season", I’m skipping, not literally - but inside, I cannot wait, the promise of a new hairline to a ‘receeder’ like me is mouth-watering.


I’m greeted warmly by patient liaison Mike McHugh who meets me in the foyer of the 5th floor city centre surgery, first impressions are all good, it feels like a nice place, smells clean. We make our way to one of the consultation rooms where the morning light’s blasting through the windows onto the certificates and awards that emblazon the walls.


Working in journalism gives me the opportunity to ask people I interview how they feel about hair transplants, have they? Would they? That kind of thing, So far no one’s admitting that they’ve had one, but more interestingly - everyone has said that they don’t see a problem with it and they would have the procedure if they thought they needed it.

If a girl has a breast enlargement or a breast reduction for that matter, no one even says anything, Hair transplants on the other hand are still like front pagenews and gossip but I think they are legit, men do go bald. Tim Westwood 1Xtra

DJ’ing heavy weight Tim Westwood from 1Xtra told me he’s NOT had hair surgery - ‘I’m lucky I guess, I got good genes from my mother’s side, she quite tall and she’s got great hair'.


He went on to say ‘I do feel strongly on this subject man, if a girl has a breast enlargement or a breast reduction for that matter, no one even says anything; that’s entirely their prerogative. Hair transplants on the other hand are still like front page news and gossip but I think they are legit, men do go bald, you know you’re 40 and you’re getting it done, 40 is still young to go bald but some guys going bald in their 20’s, you can argue it’s natural and whatever - it makes you look old as; I feel sorry for the guy. It really would make your self-esteem low. Wayne rooney looked pretty crazy bald and as I understand the transplant stuff is quite sophisticated right now, we know people who’ve have it done, it looks natural."


Not one to gossip; Westwood went on to share that Dec Donnelly from Ant and Dec had it done last year, nope - not the one with the forehead – the other one! I know; that’s what I thought.


Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner (pictured top) is the latest Celebrity to undergo the life affirming hair surgery, he says:

"People may think it's trivial, but for a lot of men losing their hair goes to the heart of their identity, Maybe it is ludicrous vanity, but I feel like a new person, or rather the person I was before I lost my hair".

Back in the consultation room Mike’s asking me lots of questions and getting a better understanding of my motivation whilst he explains the procedure and aftercare recommendations in more detail. He’s good at this, knowledgeable, up-beat and not trying to gloss anything over, he can see that I’m nervous, he knows this is a big deal for me, we’re not fixing a life threatening problem here but we are plotting to tackle a long time anxiety.


As with any form of surgery it’s important to understand the procedure properly before you jump in; up until today most of my research and education have come via YouTube, a paticular favourites is this one from last year, it shows Micky Gray ex Footballer - now current Sky Sports pundit going throught his hair transplant surgery live on the internet as it takes place right here at the Farjo Medical Centre in Manchester, it's the first time this has been done live in the UK. Watch it HERE.


15 minutes later there’s a knock on the door and Dr Farjo joins us, he has a very gentle and relaxing tone; polar opposite to my excited demeanour. With 20 years industry experience and enviable accolades I feel like I’m in safe hands.


Dr Farjo goes into great detail about the procedure and reinforces the long term commitment required to keep the hair I still have permanently intact. To my delight it’s not long before he’s reaching for his non-permanent pen to draw the proposed new hair line on my head. I close my eyes and imagine it’s a magic pen and he’s drawing the hair on. It might just be a pen line to most people but I tell you it feels great.


Not exactly "Baldilocks and the 3 Hairs" but my anxiety

Chatting with the experts in front of me it soon becomes evident that most patients will need more than just surgery, in essence it’s pointless having surgery to improve part of your head if other areas beyond the transplant will just fade away over time, for this they recommend Hair-Stimulating Medications including Minoxidil Regaine® Foam Finasteride (Propecia® or Proscar®) press here to learn more.


After close inspection Dr Farjo recommends I have a 1,500 follicle transplant known as Ultra-Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation and that I use Re:gen R8 shampoo for a week or so to correct any scalp dryness before disappearing into the surgery rooms.


Formalities taken care of, I leave The Farjo's Chorlton street surgery feeling nothing short of elated, I check my phone for messages and see a text from one of my bezzie mates - Fizzer, It reads ‘’Alright Baldilocks and the 3 Hairs’’ now ordinarily that would properly piss me off but not today, today it's genuinely hilarious, hey - I think I’m already feeling less self-conscious.

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