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Shameless 11 is as celebratory, defiant and unapologetic as ever. With the hilarious energy of the stalwarts thriving in the double dip recession – always a law unto themselves, always with family at their core, living in their robust micro climate.

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The final series goes out with a bang...

The final series goes out with a bang when Jamie Maguire (Aaron McCusker) discovers he isn’t a pure blood Maguire and introduces the estate to his Muslim half-brother Kassi (Jalaal Hartley – The Borgias) and his Jewish cooking mad wife Esther (Isy Suttie – Peep Show) as they disembark on the estate with their three feral children in tow.

The Maguire’s toast the expansion of their empire: Mimi's (Tina Malone) hijacked control of the local school, and Frank (David Threlfall) finds himself climbing the employment ladder as janitor of ‘‘St Mimi’s’’ school and falls into the arms of the Gastric Bandits – a prostitute double act, Sherilee and Derilee (Sarah Totty and Sue Vincent). Chesney (Qasim Akhtar) sets up a business venture of his own, a chemist section in Chescos, run by white Muslim atom bomb on a timer Remona (Moya Brady). Meanwhile fireworks fly when Avril (Karen Bryson) moves in with her loud and overbearing sister Patreesha (Jacqueline Boatswain – Grange Hill) and niece Mary Mae (Adelle Leonce).

The final series also includes a hilarious one off cameo appearance from Jason Orange (Take That) who gets all the residents dancing with his debut as DJ Scouse Mouse at the Chatsworth Estate Festival.

The comings and goings on the Chatsworth Estate, and the exploits of feckless Frank Gallagher, his errant brood of children, and the other colourful characters living on the estate have provided plenty of entertainment over the past 10 years. Channel 4’s longest running series has been key to the careers of many British screen stars including James McAvoy, Anne-Marie Duff and Maxine Peake, not to mention the team of high profile writers and directors.

Available to own from the 2nd September 2013.