FOIL ARMS AND HOG: Craicling at Manchester Apollo

FOIL ARMS AND HOG: Craicling at Manchester Apollo

The boys are back! Not content with their massive YouTube following (now at over 100 million hits and growing daily), Foil Arms and Hog are hitting the UK road again with CRAICLING – their best show yet.


FA&H are best known for their online videos, but their live show is what they are most proud of. CRAICLING is a fast-paced sketch show featuring a tutorial on how to hold a baby, a Gregorian chant about drunken monks, and a step-by-step guide on how to kill an actor. What’s not to love? The live shows are just like the videos but with the difference being that they are, well, even better. Have you seen the classic vids An Englishman Plays Risk, WTF is Brexit? and How to Speak Dublin? Well imagine sketches of a similar nature being performed live, in the moment, by three of Ireland’s fastest-rising comedy stars.


Foil Arms and Hog are Sean Finegan (Foil), Conor McKenna (Arms) and Sean Flanagan (Hog), who met at University College Dublin while studying architecture, engineering and genetics, and decided to give all that up to pursue the noble art of being downright silly, yet observational, yet sometimes very topical and refreshingly philosophical.


Since then the boys have come a long way, and as well as fill venues with laughter at their live shows they have embraced the digital universe to become veritable internet stars. Besides the YouTube 100 million, they also have nearly 900,000 Facebook followers and a fair few on Twitter too. All because they do concise, tightly-filmed stories that are both culturally relevant and absurd. But most of all, as Rowan Atkinson testifies, the trio are “very funny”.


Performing live is what FA&H do best though, and besides their native Ireland they have toured the UK, US and Australia – to rapturous applause. Following on from the successful OINK tour of 2018, CRAICLING made its appearance at the Edinburgh Festival and earned rave reviews and critical acclaim. Now, quite rightly, the lads are taking the show on tour around the UK and Ireland.


CRAICLING rocks up to Manchester Apollo on Saturday, 16th March.