Musing with Matt Goss ahead of his Manchester Casino show

Musing with Matt Goss ahead of his Manchester Casino show

Vegas Headliner Matt Goss will be back in Manchester this weekend to perform at an ‘up close and personal’ event for 100 guests at the Manchester 235 casino.


The London born entertainer is booked to do a 90 minute adapted version of his Caesars Palace show. Produced by Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin, Goss' full-scale production is said to have all the explosive dance numbers and other snazzy elements synonymous with Vegas.


I caught up with the softly spoken crooner the day after he arrived from LAX, he was feeling a little worn out having squeezed 3 shows in before leaving for the airport.

A show in Beverley Hills on Thursday and then Friday and Saturday at Caesars Palace in Vegas, just in time to fly back home. He said


Despite picking up that chesty bug that’s doing the rounds he insists he can sing through the pain. He says he’s lucky but the more you learn about his schedule; the more he looks like a performing powerhouse – he thinks nothing of cramming more than 150+ shows into a year.

I’m heading into my 7th year in Las Vegas and I’ve recently renewed my contract at Caesars Palace which means I’ll be doing 105+ shows this year with them. He says – understandably beaming.


Matt is a friendly guy, and funny, we chat for the best part of an hour, musing about life, love, music and loss, we talk tailored suits and about what it means to ‘hit your groove as a man’.


Matt Goss


He credits his Granddad’s taste in music and performers for influencing his love of Soul and the Swing sound, he’s adopted the genre as a way of life, and it is all the things he loves as a Man… Fine tailored suits, good scotch and most of all - singing his ass off… just don’t ask him to dance.

I’ve grown up playing arenas and huge stadiums all over the world in a pop band - over time you become a man. I grew up.

When you do TV shows they expect you to dance, as a man I didn’t want to do that anymore. I am man, I like to Box, I like to drink to good scotch, I like to wear fine tailored suits and more than anything - I love to sing my ass off.

I was influenced so deeply by my granddads choice of music, Nat King Cole, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, and Perry Como all these great singers and I have found my own influences in Danny Hathaway, to me these are soul singers that do swing… Perry Como is a soul singer, just listen to the tone and delivery.

I wanted to get into a state of being, not just music but a state of being where I could enjoy the things that I love.


Wear what feels good on you and develop your own style from there, take influences from movies and music you love, even iconic moments in history can influence your style


Matt Goss has sold more than 17 million records worldwide and sold out shows from Wembley Stadium to the Royal Albert Hall.


Matt Goss


Following in the footsteps of Liam with Pretty Green and Pharrell with his Billionaire Boys Club clothing label, it’s no surprise Matt Goss fancies himself as a fashion designer, it’s inevitable we will see an MG collection popping-up up at designer concession near you soon. Mikey’s on the case.

I’m talking to Mikey (his business partner), about designing a range of affordable clothes for guys. I understand fabrics and know what I want.

The important thing is the fit, wear what feels good on you and develop your own style from there, take influences from movies and music you love, even iconic moments in history can influence your style but don’t follow trends, follow your instincts. Wear the suit rather than letting the suit wear you.


Matt is in his 40’s, aging pretty well; despite that - I think his hair is looking ‘unusually good’ especially his hair line, he’s quick to deny having any work done on his hair or anywhere else for that matter, but he was mighty enthusiastic on the subject. Here’s what he had to say:

If I had a hair transplant I’d want one that would make Elvis look like he had alopecia. He joked, wait… it gets better.

At some point I want a hairline about an inch above my eyebrows, like a fucking werewolf, I want it so you can lose your keys in my hair.


As for staying fit and healthy, he adopts quite a simple regime – he loves to Box, and has done, 3 times a week for around 15 years.

I have a monthly facial, I try to avoid the sun and most of all I drink bundles and bundles of water.


During his live performance, Matt connects with his audience using skills honed over 25+ years in the spotlight, off stage he’s gaining a new generation of fans on social media and connects on Twitter @MattGoss, Oh and he told me he loves his Instagram iammattgoss

I take a ‘say what you feel’ approach to social media, I think once you start editing yourself then you’re in trouble. If you’re a public figure in any way you can’t be too reckless, you have to consider the implications of what you say but if I’m talking about how I feel I’ll speak with complete candour.


He mentioned plans of a partnership with one of the biggest charities in the US, but was cagey about the details, I do know they will use one of his songs and benefit from 100% of the proceeds, after the death of his mum he says he’s been forced to deal with some painful issues and working with this charity is an inspiring proposition.

We’re planning some really big things, I’m playing to half a million people in Washington in June and I’ll be playing the iconic Kennedy centre in Washington.

I do have emotional issues that I’m dealing with, he confides.


He's back in the UK for 2 reasons, 1st to put on shows and 2nd to reconnect with home, I well-up a bit when he says “my mum was my home”, his world has been rocked and it’s this that he needs to figure out as a man.

I’m happy to be back home and to connect with family, friends and fans again. I’ve come to re connect as a brit, to walk through St James’ park in London, my favourite park in the world. The last time I walked through there was with my mum. It’s painful.


Matt Goss


When we’re feeling crushed and deflated from losing someone we love, it helps to surround yourself with positivity, creativity, optimism and with heads that make you happy, for Matt its people like Rob Ferguson, Robin Antin, Jacq the butler and Sophia from catering.

I call Rob and I say, mate, I want to play the Royal Albert Hall, and he says’ OK. Those are two powerful words when you’ve got a lot of work to do.

I have a butler called Jacq, he was also Sinatra’s butler, he tells me some incredible stories, and I’m very fond of him.

And also Sophia, she works in catering, almost every night she takes my food order - mostly by phone, I put on different voices from around the world but she always knows it me, she has this 6th sense - always knows what I’m going to order. I’m very fond of Sophia. It was her birthday on Saturday, I gave her a little gift and she gave me a little tear… Vegas wouldn’t be the same without people like her. They make my stay memorable and special.

I’m happy that people talk to me the way you do, like you’ve known me for a long time, that makes me very comfortable, I get in a taxi and the driver will glance in his mirror and say something like ‘Alright Matt, how’s Vegas? How’s your brother?’ they don’t introduce themselves, they just start talking. That’s a good place to be. It’s where I’m happy to be.


Musing with Matt Goss ahead of his Manchester Casino show


There is genuine affection and appreciation for Matt Goss, and he deserves it, his 80’s pop antics are a part of the fabric of many people’s youth, today he puts his right foot in front of his left foot as a Brit living in the U.S. and in all the years he’s been famous - he’s not faltered, plus he dated Melanie Sykes for 5 years, got to give him extra plaudits for that.


Matt Goss will perform an exclusive show at Manchester 235 casino on Saturday 31st January 2015, Expect a mixture of his career hits along with popular swing classics, a talented nine-piece band with horn section, and two gorgeous backing singers.


Tickets to the Manchester 235 event are available by contacting the casino directly on 0161 8269 579.

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