Burlesque no less

Burlesque has seen a surge in popularity in recent years but how much will be revealed as we're granted 'Access all Areas' with the Glitter Kittens?


"When I started he Glitter Kittens in 2004 I hadn't heard of the term burlesque, the idea was born more from a combination of everything I had done up until that point" shares Kittens creator Zelda Saint Wilde. It was my way of playing at being a rock star! I always thought it was strange that for gigs and videos, bands would hire dancers to perform alongside them yet no one had thought of making a troupe that would do just that as well as their own shows. I remember videos like Rollin by Limp Bizkit having girls in the video and Robbie Williams performing a song called Hot Fudge with sexy dancers and i instictively thought ‘’I can supply that’’.


It's nice now having so many girls involved; it makes my job even more exciting, having a larger group to choreograph was my original goal and having girls with different strengths keeps it challenging’. ‘The show has stayed true to my vision to much success which is great.


When I started there were so many bands and performers I wanted to work with - I had a wish list inc burlesque performers I became inspired by such as Catherine D'Lish, Indigo Blue and Empress Stah as well as bands that I created routines to, so to have performed alongside them is a dream come true.

 The fact we get to perform in Los Angeles at venues such as Johnny Depp's Viper Room is nothing short of mind-blowing'.

'Being asked to perform as official dancers for 'Whisky A GoGo' two years in a row was a great honour, Hollywood has been great to us to date so I definitely want to keep pushing the shows profile over there. To have the likes of artists such as Kiss, Slayer, Dave Navarro, Alice In Chains, and many more under the same roof is priceless, my plan is to get more kittens commuting between manchester and L.A.’

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