KOSMONAUT PRESENTS: Grand Tour By himHallows

KOSMONAUT PRESENTS: Grand Tour By himHallows

EXHIBITION: Monday 1st December- Friday 2nd January  

EVENING VIEW: Friday 5th December, 6pm-9pm


From Monday 1st December, renowned Manchester-based artist himHallows will be on site in Kosmonaut for the week-long live installation of his new artwork, Grand Tour, which culminates in a stunning and unique exhibition that is to adorn the walls of Kosmonaut throughout December.


Befitting of the Kosmonaut name, Grand Tour draws on himHallows’ deep fascination with space and, more specifically, with the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft and their mission that began back in 1977. The work will both depict and celebrate their journey through the solar system, which is a voyage that has now crossed into interstellar space.


himHallows has taken particular inspiration from the most profound moment of the mission’s narrative in 2012, when Voyager 1 became the first human-built object to enter interstellar space. This milestone received little fanfare and went largely unreported, and it is this moving poeticism, along with the serenity and distinct aloneness of the craft, that himHallows has invoked.


The artwork will be a combination of spray paint and acrylic on board, similar to the aesthetic himHallows’ has established as one of his signature mural styles.


Incorporating galactic landmarks such as the planets and moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, the work will drift throughout a series of several panels, reflecting how spacecraft are created to float eternally through the galaxy.


himHallows is the working name of Paul Hallows, a self-taught artist from Manchester who has previously worked with creative bodies as diverse as Manchester Art Gallery, Video Jam and Textbook Studio.


He has become known for working across a variety of mediums including pen and ink, spray-painted murals and 3D cardboard and calico models.


Grand Tour launches on Friday 5th December, but come and visit himHallows from Monday 1st December in Kosmonaut to watch the artwork gradually take shape.


On sale at the launch will be limited edition books by himHallows, with Risograph printed, hand-bound pages focusing on the Voyager’s Grand Tour.


www.himhallows.co.uk | @himHallows