Surreal painting show at PAPER combines artists from UK and Spain

Surreal painting show at PAPER in Manchester combines artists from UK and Spain

Manchester- based PAPER team up with Kir Royal Gallery from Valencia to present a strange and surreal painting exhibition opening Saturday 27 February.


PAPER Gallery in collaboration with Spanish gallery, Kir Royal, present a two-person exhibition of the weird and fantastical paintings of Liverpool-based Richard Meaghan and José Luis Serzo from Madrid. 'Lords of the Forest opens Saturday 27 February and runs until 2 April.


An exhibition of stunning drawings and paintings, the show is filled with strange and wonderful characters and creatures from the recesses of both these artists' surreal imaginations. The exhibition brings together two artists who create surrealist dystopian fantasies presented in a series of beautifully rendered paintings and drawings. This exhibition creates a dialogue between two artists and two further cities; from Liverpool to Madrid they have shared and discussed ideas common within their individual practices for the production of this exhibition.


Born in Albacete, Spain, José Luis Serzo will present work from his on going series Los Señores Del Bosque (Lords of the Forest). Serzo creates an alter ego, Blinky Rotred, who as narrator guides us through the fascinating world of the artist's subconscious and its immeasurable symbolic recesses. After surviving at a terrible shipwreck, Blinky lands and enters into a forest where these vivid and strange paintings begin. Blinky starts a journey fraught with particular and symbolic encounters into a dreamlike universe created through careful details and wonderful compositions. This forest is populated by very peculiar and hyperbolic creatures. The protagonists are pseudo – archetypal beings that might be daemons themselves, although his appearance is human, many details lead us to place them among those beings belonging to a collective storytelling. All this takes place between imagination and reality.


Richard Meaghan assembles narratives from a never-ending stream of political corruption. Fabricating a dystopian world born from his imagination, his surreal meanderings and thoughts take on an evolutionary journey from ancient history and theology to ideas of globalisation, control and political agenda. The resulting characters are an eternally recurring cast of players, wallowing in a world of Machiavellian machinations.


The exhibition is funded by Arts Council of England through Grants for the Arts. | @Paper_Gallery_