TAKK Manchester to showcase stunning new art work by Christian Taylor

This Thursday evening (21st of April), TAKK Manchester will be hosting an open evening from 6:30 – 8:30pm to showcase some of the art work of Christian Taylor, one of Manchester's newest artists.


Based in Manchester's vibrant and creative Northern Quarter, Christian lives and works in the heart of the bustling city. Christian is constantly immersed in the beauty, chaos and contrasts of a post-industrial, constantly transforming city-scape.


Manchester is known for its stunning architecture, new and historic, along with it's unpredictable climate and seasons. This in itself creates an ever-evolving image of the buildings above and the people below; as the burgeoning lights and sweeping shadows move swiftly around the city.


Christian's work represents both the fluidity and complexity of interchangeable colours against discreet patterns. You will find layers of contrasting tones applied to glass, to illustrate the depth and movement of light and colour. Set into box frames, he creates shadows which oscillate as both you and the natural light transition around the space.


In his pursuit of extracting beauty from chaos and contrast, Christian is not only inspired by the depths and vibrancy of his surrounding city, but also by the vivid pop artists he grew up adoring - from Roy Lichtenstein to Andy Warhol.


Christian's work is currently on display at TAKK Manchester, 6 Tariff Street, Northern Quarter. You can also view and purchase his art by visiting his Facebook page below.