Painting Nothing at Rogue Project Space

Painting Nothing at Rogue Project Space

Painting Nothing is an exhibition of an extensive body of work by Manchester artist, Michelle Harrison.


In an overpopulated world of images, the viewer has grown accustomed to being in a constant state of sensory overload. The artist's process is a subversive one; observes how science and technology affect the spectator to absorb visual information, that which is both static and animated.


The frustration of unexpectedly becoming yet another trendy cynical voyeur, painting in a digital context practice, resulted in the abandonment of painting per se and the uptake of a pursuit towards an original single-minded painting experience that is driven by a genuine playful inquisitiveness, exploring elements of painting that appear neglected in this pixilated environment of the image re-imagined.


The viewer will note the incredible presence and toil of the artist is visible in the work, however motionless, as each brush mark is halted and denied progress. Potentiality becomes realisation through the painstaking repetition of marks that form a coherent flow across the surface that evidences the playful delight of artist and medium.


Painting Nothing, in essence, is a curatorial study on paint, a nomadic collection of colour on canvas that seeks to locate the viewer in an alternate space and time.


Painting Nothing
Michelle Harrison
Painting Nothing Private view 24th March 6-8pm
25th March - 31st March 2016.
Open 10:00am-5:00pm by appointment
Manchester, M1 2WH