PAPER #19: Frances Disley - Intermission

PAPER 19: Frances Disley - Intermission

Exhibition dates: 10th January – 21st February 2015

Private View: Thursday 15th January, 6-9pm

Opening Times: 11am – 5pm every Saturday


With the rehearsals now completed and the stage set… Frances Disley suggests that if the studio is the rehearsal space for the works then the gallery must be the theatre.



During the summer, Liverpool based artist, Frances Disley was been selected for PAPER’s Artist-in-Residence scheme, Exploring PAPER.


Intermission is a solo exhibition of Frances’ work that draws together the experience of her residency at PAPER and the work that she has since developed from her experience there. Essentially the six-weeks she resided in PAPER was the rehearsal, and Intermission is the performance. The slippage between what an artwork is and what is the dressing plays with notions of completeness within Frances’ work.



The consideration of how an artwork is resolved and ready for exhibition is foremost, and Frances displays her crude paper sculptures in different stages of completion or resolve, which toy with both the process and the methods of display. | @Paper_Gallery_