Acting Out Against Austerity at The Dancehouse Theatre, Manchester Sat 3 Oct

As part of the People's Assembly National Week of Action Against the Conservative Party Conference, there will be a very special evening taking place this Saturday 3rd October at The Dancehouse Theatre, Manchester.


Hosted by TV presenter/broadcaster/writer, Terry ChristianMash Up Mcr will be a jam-packed evening of sketches, plays and performances:


Knock Knock:

A scathing, unapologetic, black comedy ~ this anti-austerity theatre production tells the story of fear, rage and redemption in austerity Britain. Written and directed by award-winning writer, Kate Marlow for Love & Light Theatre.  "If you ask me, the points raised by this righteously angry production cannot be over-stated or heard often enough." (Kevin Bourke MTA)


Flick & Julie: Pop Up Penny Pinchers:

A character comedy show of anti austerity sketches and songs ~ helping you to survive in the modern age on 1970's wages.


"Poking fun at Cameron's Britain. Consistently ...funny, brilliantly observed & wonderfully performed." (5 star review by Remote Goat).


Stephen Morrison-Burke:

The Birmingham Poet Laureate for 2012/13 and the current poetry National Slam Champion for 2015. When not taking to the stage to perform, Stephen currently works as a Freelance Poet, teaching workshops to youth offenders and young carers. 


The Iain Duncan Smiths

This band is an Iain Duncan Smith-themed tribute band to The Smiths. They repurpose songs by The Smiths into satirical, political songs covering topics such as universal credit, the bedroom tax, disability living allowance, #FakeDWPStories and data suppression ~ 'How Soon Is NWO?'


Pat Fulgoni/Cabinet of Millionaires

In April 2015 appalled by the prospect of 5 more years of Tory led austerity measures, Pat Fulgoni launched his hard-hitting Cabinet Of Millionaires track which went on to be incorporated into Kate Marlow's play Knock Knock and remixed for other labels. Pat is a singer who has guested on numerous big dance tunes, toured all over the world, written for film & TV and organised many music conferences and showcases.


Ticket prices & concessions for Mash Up Mcr at The Dancehouse are: 

£3 (skint) £7 (standard) £12 (solidarity - includes a donation to The People's Assembly)