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As a lover of red wine and coffee, I’ve wondered about whether they’ll stain my teeth… Not that’s it’s stopped me drinking them of course, but it is a pause for thought.

Especially with summer coming and the (hopeful) prospect of a tan, I started thinking about teeth whitening. Now, I’ve been lucky enough to be given the chance to try out the Enlighten at-home whitening treatment from Style Stylist.


With the practice located in House of Fraser and the treatment available to use at home, it couldn’t be an easier way to get those pearly whites. I know I’m in good company as Dr. Sandeep Kumar has treated the likes of Michelle Keegan, Catherine Tyldesley and Samia Ghadie.


So I popped along to the department store’s first floor for an appointment with Dr. Sam Hainsworth to chat through the treatment and have some moulds taken. Now, anyone who’s had a brace before will know this is unpleasant (making you feel like you can’t breathe and the like) but it’s a necessary evil on the quest for beautiful gnashers and besides, Dentist Sam does a great job keeping you calm.


Once the moulds are done, the trays for your teeth take around two weeks to be made. I waited excitedly for my follow up appointment, where I was given my personalized trays and two syringes of the magic teeth whitening formula (which you should keep in the fridge, though I’ve had a few worried questions from friends when they see them). As it’s an at-home treatment, you can use Enlighten as much or as little as you’d like (within the recommendation from Dr. Sam) thought it’s usual to use it every night for around four weeks to see a real difference.


The scale of colour ranges from A1 to D4 (as you can see) – of which I was told I’m A3 at the moment. I was horrified. To. My. Core. This led Dr. Sam to tell me about the ‘bleach’ scale which continues from the natural scale and, if you keep using the treatment you can achieve very white teeth – my goal.

Visit the website for full cost info or book a consultation, the benefit is that you’re given the trays so unless you have work on your teeth to change their position, you can use them for life just topping up on the syringes. This is an easy and, hopefully, effective way of whitening your teeth and I’ll keep you updated with my progress so you can see the results for yourselves!


Image shows Manchester Gossip writer Katie Bowman in the chair at Smile Stylist


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